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Huge improvement. Good choice.
#8 shell is much more versatile.
Anyone care to comment on how the Grant last fits compared to the Hampton?
It's not just here. I believe the Strand is their number one or two most sold. I have three and the brown and merlot get more wear than the black wingtips. I couldn't say why, maybe because they're just a good compromise between a full brogue and plain cap toe dress shoe. They work well with suits and dress casual.
Neet's Foot Oil will darken them somewhat.
I think they would almost have to give you the sale price. Otherwise, you could order another pair at $275 now, and simply return the $320 pair when they come in. Might as well just give you the sale price now. Many other retailers will refund the difference if you bring your receipt in and made the purchase within 30 days of the sale.
I saw the Fullerton in a store and they are pretty nice. I don't own a suede shoe but after seeing that I am considering it, except I wear a suit every day and don't think I would get much use from them.
I'd go with the Strand in merlot first. I think the Strand is pretty versatile, and walnut would be fine to wear with your suits at times, just not all the time. The McAllister would be a good alternative. Maybe make that in walnut you second purchase?
Yes, I have several AEs, I wear 10D in the 1 last and 10D in Alden's Hampton last. I have three Strands and one Fifth Street, all 10E and they fit fine. The 5 last is a little narrow and long, and the next time I am at the store I think I'll try on a 9.5E and a 9.5EE in the 5 last just out of curiosity.
I'm also a 10D, but I went with 10E for all 5 last styles, including the fifth street.
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