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I have 5 last AEs, how does the PA fit compared to the Carlyle?
Just an FYI, JAB has 25% off AE shoes, includes Park Avenue, 5th Street, McClain and Larchmont. They ship from Wisconsin, so it's 10-15 days for delivery. I've been thinking about a dark brown Carlyle, but may go for a PA instead.
I have the Manistee in both Merlot/burgundy and walnut, very happy with them. I wear them with suits. I'd get a solid black one for the PAs.
I don't know for sure, but those look as though the laces are not pulled tight. If they are, you would likely need to size up for the width. The 5 last is a little tricky, I'm a D width except in the 5 last, in which I go up to an E. Regardless, if those are the correct size, then the bowing is a defect, IMO.
I go up in width for the five last, 10D in Sheltons, 10E in Strands. Many go down a 1/2 size in length in the five last.
You certainly are off to a good start. In the interest of full disclosure, burgundy/Merlot is my favorite color. I would go for the Strand in Merlot, and especially the Leeds. Burgundy is a very versatile color, goes with about anything. Regardless, it's a good mix of styles.
I'm not sure that follows. The leather "skin" your shoes are made with is dead. I'm not so sure the chemicals in the above mentioned products are harmful to your skin. However, your skin in alive and permeable. One might not want those chemicals working their way into your bloodstream, and therefore, your kidneys, liver, glandular tissues, etc.
I have the walnut Manistee and it goes well with my walnut Strands. Ended up buying three more, burnished brown, burnished merlot and black.
I ordered a web gem Strand and my American Express was charged immediately. I received the statement, and paid it, about four weeks before the shoes were shipped.
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