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I'd say pretty good, maybe a half dozen wears. Either that, or I am not lacing them as tightly at the top. At first, I especially noticed some difficulty and discomfort going up and down stairs due to the limited ankle flexion. I don't notice that now.
Walnut Strands
I have nothing to do with this, but thought it interesting. Ravello Day Tripper boots, $3249 starting bid, 38 watching, zero bids:
I have brown, burnished Merlot and walnut Strands and I wear them with a variety of suits. Regarding dark charcoal, I usually go with brown or Merlot, but I will on occasion wear walnut. I think you'll find the oxblood to be very versatile and I would get that prior to getting walnut.
My first AE shells, brown PAs, came in last week. Tried them on in the store, they fit fine. This morning, on the carpet, I noticed significant squeaking. The heel is definitely where it is located, my foot rubbing on the inside of the shoe. There is a little bowing, which isn't a problem with any of my other five last AEs. Any ideas? The heel slipping is not a deal breaker, though it may be if wearing them all day, but the noise is. I literally couldn't wear them...
How long did you end up waiting? I'm about five weeks waiting for my brown shell PAs.
I have a pair of formal (patent leather) AEs I picked up brand new off eBay about three years ago. They are balmorals, no name and I assume they are a discontinued model as they are not on their web site. They are vary nice and I got a great deal, I suppose so anyway, since I cannot remember the price, so it could not have been much, probably less than $100. I am wondering what last they were built on, these are the numbers: 2450 17320 If anyone has any idea, I would...
My vote would go to the oxblood. But, I really like the color. I ordered some brown shell PAs during the RDA sale. Then, the holiday catalog arrives with the new color. I had the PAs shipped to the store because I didn't want them left on the porch. I'm going to have a tough time avoiding something in oxblood when I go there to pick them up and actually see the oxblood in person. I already have burnished Merlot Strands, but I'm thinking oxblood Carlyles, or Daltons, or?
Same here. I wanted to get a pair of brown shell PAs during the RDA sale. Local store did not have any shell, so I had to order them, have them made. They told me it will take about six weeks. They charged my CC and it already hit the account. I figure it doesn't matter, as I expect I'll be able to return them if there is a problem.
Can anyone tell me how the 2 and 8 lasts compare to the 5 last? Thanks.
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