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I believe it was last fall. It was an Internet special, $279, I think. I went through the local retailer and had them place the order because I did not want them left on the porch. They're among my favorites and I also find it strange that burgundy is not a permanent option for the Strand.
The Merlot Strand was burnished and I picked up a pair as a web gem. I ordered them through the local store and the associate mentioned they might add them to the regular lineup. So there is a chance. I picked up a burnished Merlot Manistee belt at the same time.
You might look at the Strand.
Maybe, depending on what you have going on in any particular day. I wear mine with gray and charcoal suits, occasionally navy. I usually favor burgundy or dark brown, and pretty much go with walnut or black as a change of pace.
I also find the Barrie last very comfortable in 9.5 D. The 5 last is comfortable (not as much as the Barrie but certainly acceptable) in 10 E. I know everyone is different, but try a 10 E.
I go up one width on the 5 last. It seems most do, at least, some go up two. Try an E and/or EE.
I would give it a shot myself. I did it once with an older pair of brown J&M Aldrich, using dark brown and black shoe cream. I rarely wear them so I thought I'd experiment. They turned out pretty well.
Agreed, but I'm not married to either one. I have three Strands, I'm just not sure how the Carlyle would fit in comparison. I need to get around to going to the local store. I suppose it will come down to the fit.
I have 5 last AEs, how does the PA fit compared to the Carlyle?
Just an FYI, JAB has 25% off AE shoes, includes Park Avenue, 5th Street, McClain and Larchmont. They ship from Wisconsin, so it's 10-15 days for delivery. I've been thinking about a dark brown Carlyle, but may go for a PA instead.
New Posts  All Forums: