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My first AE shells, brown PAs, came in last week. Tried them on in the store, they fit fine. This morning, on the carpet, I noticed significant squeaking. The heel is definitely where it is located, my foot rubbing on the inside of the shoe. There is a little bowing, which isn't a problem with any of my other five last AEs. Any ideas? The heel slipping is not a deal breaker, though it may be if wearing them all day, but the noise is. I literally couldn't wear them...
How long did you end up waiting? I'm about five weeks waiting for my brown shell PAs.
I have a pair of formal (patent leather) AEs I picked up brand new off eBay about three years ago. They are balmorals, no name and I assume they are a discontinued model as they are not on their web site. They are vary nice and I got a great deal, I suppose so anyway, since I cannot remember the price, so it could not have been much, probably less than $100. I am wondering what last they were built on, these are the numbers: 2450 17320 If anyone has any idea, I would...
My vote would go to the oxblood. But, I really like the color. I ordered some brown shell PAs during the RDA sale. Then, the holiday catalog arrives with the new color. I had the PAs shipped to the store because I didn't want them left on the porch. I'm going to have a tough time avoiding something in oxblood when I go there to pick them up and actually see the oxblood in person. I already have burnished Merlot Strands, but I'm thinking oxblood Carlyles, or Daltons, or?
Same here. I wanted to get a pair of brown shell PAs during the RDA sale. Local store did not have any shell, so I had to order them, have them made. They told me it will take about six weeks. They charged my CC and it already hit the account. I figure it doesn't matter, as I expect I'll be able to return them if there is a problem.
Can anyone tell me how the 2 and 8 lasts compare to the 5 last? Thanks.
Not on mine.
I think you'll be happy. I have 4 of the Manistee Belts (brown, walnut, burgundy and black). They go perfectly with Strands and the Lexington. I'm ordering some brown shell PAs and when I pick them up I'll probably try to find one of their dress belts to match.
I believe it was last fall. It was an Internet special, $279, I think. I went through the local retailer and had them place the order because I did not want them left on the porch. They're among my favorites and I also find it strange that burgundy is not a permanent option for the Strand.
The Merlot Strand was burnished and I picked up a pair as a web gem. I ordered them through the local store and the associate mentioned they might add them to the regular lineup. So there is a chance. I picked up a burnished Merlot Manistee belt at the same time.
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