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There's a bunch of Apolis stuff discounted on Hautelook, including the navy chore coat for $170:   https://www.hautelook.com/events/94654
  Just a guess, but I would assume that having sales where your merchandise is marked down to 80% on an annual or semi-annual basis dilutes the value of the brand.
 I found mine stretched about 2". My usual size is 30 and I bought a 28.
 They are slim-fitting. You should probably try an XS for Gitman, as the sizing is consistent with J Crew and Uniqlo. Unfortunately it's a bit tougher to find XS and many (if not most) stockiest don't carry them.
 I wear a 34 in the regular Bedale which I've found is more or less equivalent to the small in a SL version. Might be a slight difference as I've never tried them on side by side though. Hope that helps.
 Sounds great, but it looks like everything on the Crane's site is full price.
  I have the "rest of the world" SL that I purchased from Stuarts London. It's a size 36. I wear a small in pretty much every other Jacket (Ashby, Commander) so I'd say it's true to size. I tried one of the Barbour Polarquilt liners from J. Crew in a size small and it was a tad too big for the SL. It zipped in fine but didn't quite feel right so I returned it. In a pinch you could make it work though.
  To each his own. Not everyone wants to wait what could be months just to get $30-50 off.
 I would not do this. First of all, misting it with a sprayer bottle isn't really a good approximation of what rainfall is. So you may end up with weird looking marks. Secondly, water alone isn't going to do much as far as making it look vintage. The actual wearing of the jacket, in combination with the moisture, is what gives it the "wear and tear" you're looking for. Even if you do mist it, it's just not practical to wear a Barbour in the Southern California heat this...
New Posts  All Forums: