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Apolis Sample Sale this weekend in LA:  
  Agreed. It made more sense once I visited in person and realized they're named after the garment cleaners that used to occupy the building. Kept the old-timey sign, which I think was a nice choice. 
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  That's curious. I have the same bag and though the label says "Tan" and not "Dark Tan" it pretty much looks the same color as yours.
  Definitely agree with this assessment, though I would suggest that a 34 Bedale SL might work better for you. I wear a 36 Bedale SL and a 34 Bedale for reference.
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   It definitely looks less shiny and more matted over time. I've only worn mine a few times as I live in Southern California but it doesn't really look "new" anymore.
  Yeah, it definitely doesn't take too much time to get it looking somewhat worn in. Probably not a huge deal either way, but I personally wouldn't try to manufacture the wear. You run the risk, however small, that you're not approximating what nature and a bit of time would do.
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