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 Context has them: http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/a-p-c/petit-new-standard
 Yeah, mine are a bit on the wider side. If they weren't I'm sure a 41 would work for me.
 Interesting. I'm a 9US in Nike and I wear a 42 in CP.
  I have about three dozen GV shirts and this has happened with a few of them. But in each case, it was shortly after I purchased it and Gitman was very cool about replacing them as it was an obvious defect.
 Nope. Sorry!
  I'd probably go with a medium for the Commander given your sizing. My chest is an inch or two smaller than yours and the small that I have wouldn't really fit anyone bigger than me, I think.
  I think they're great. The fit ins't everyone's cup of tea but I don't think you see too many complaints about the fabric or construction.
 Probably a small. I am a little bigger than you and the small fits me fine.
  Yeah, might need to size down. Sleeves look a little long.
 Sorry if I wasn't clear. I would go for a Medium for the Ashby if I were you. You are one size bigger than me and the small fits me fine.
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