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  That's pretty wack. I'd call them back or maybe try writing them an email?
I'm an inch shorter than you but my measurements are otherwise the same, and I wear a small. I'd suggest going with that.
 I like the length of mine though I've always been a little partial to the cropped look. It's a bit more of a shirt-jacket than straight up outerwear imho
 To be fair, Nordstrom has a good free shipping and returns policy, but yeah, if they refuse to match, just buy it from the original site. Calling back multiple times and jumping through hoops to get a price match is pretty wack.
 smh at all of you asking to price match. Straight up snitches.
 Sorry to get your hopes up. Just S-XL.
If anyone's looking to pick up an SNS Herning Stark in Navy or Black Lake, Gentry has a full size run of each for $243:   http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/s-n-s-herning
  Have to say I'm a little skeptical of these. First of all, some of these are marked as Gitman Bros not Gitman Vintage. And the ones marked as GBV don't seem to have the signature horizontal stitching on the bottom button. I've heard it said that GBV manufactures shirts specifically for Gilt, though I have no idea if that's true or not. Just a "buyer beware" heads up.
30% off at South Willard:   Band of Outsiders Frank Leder Gitman Vintage
New Posts  All Forums: