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  I could be mistaken but it appears this is only valid on full price items. Tried to add something on sale and it wasn't eligible. Just a heads up.
  Is that for Mohawk General Store? I've only been to one of their sample sales but it was pretty hit or miss. Good prices but not much available, at least in my size.
  Have you tried calling them? I've only dealt with Filson once for a customer service issue, but they were extremely helpful over the phone. Not sure if email is a different story.
  Looks like a PS 29 is probably going to work.
  Yeah, lots of good stuff at the sample sale. Picked up an olive archive jacket for $75.
  Those will be on sale at some point. The best reason to buy now would be if you're worried about your size running out.
  Agree with this. If you can't button the 28s up, they're almost certainly not going to work.
  Every once in awhile they'll pop up on sale but they're not discounted as often as the seasonal designs.
  Seconded. Probably preaching to the choir here but Apolis' customer service is exceptional.
  I wear a small in J. Crew and the small chore coat fits me great.
New Posts  All Forums: