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  Well, that's unfortunate. Guess I'm not really surprised they ignored my emails then. Probably best to stay away from Quoddy in the future when Rancourt has similar offerings.
I've got a question for those who've purchased the Boat Mocs. I picked up a pair awhile back and the Vibram sole came loose on both shoes within a matter of a few weeks.           Seems a bit strange (and disappointing) that this would happen so soon. Does anyone know if that's typical?   I guess it's worth pointing out that I didn't wear these on a boat but around town. Are you not supposed to walk around on land with these? Seems weird to me.
Not sure if this is old news but there's a bunch of Barbour stuff on sale at Royal Male, including the Beacon (Commander):   http://www.royalmale.com/sale
Yeah, not sure why some of you aren't understanding the issue here. I probably wouldn't hesitate to spend $10 on shipping for a $100 order but I certainly might for a $10 order. When a business unilaterally changes the terms of a transaction (such as non-fulfillment) and it's not in the customer's favor, it's fair to expect them to do some sort of make-good. Most decent retailers will do this, though you often have to ask for it.
 Haha, my bad. I realized that was probably what you meant after I posted.
  Good question, and thanks for the heads up. I think it's fair for you to expect them to provide you with that info, particularly if they're hoping you'll promote something for them.
  I could be mistaken but it appears this is only valid on full price items. Tried to add something on sale and it wasn't eligible. Just a heads up.
  Is that for Mohawk General Store? I've only been to one of their sample sales but it was pretty hit or miss. Good prices but not much available, at least in my size.
  Have you tried calling them? I've only dealt with Filson once for a customer service issue, but they were extremely helpful over the phone. Not sure if email is a different story.
  Looks like a PS 29 is probably going to work.
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