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  That is, frankly speaking, complete bullshit. Do not buy a shirt that's too tight expecting it to stretch out.
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  The waist is the only area with any noticeable stretching. The thighs may stretch a tiny bit but I wouldn't count on it. Hope that helps.
 Good deals at Ikkon. Picked up some chinos.
  That's too bad. They probably just looked at the site and saw that it was listed as available. I've heard that Unionmade's online stock is in a different location from the physical stores and that there is often confusion about what's available and what's not. Seems to come up every time they do a sale.
   I have the same jacket. It's possible that none of the SL Bedales have the elastic cuffs, but I haven't been able to confirm one way or the other. As for the jacket not being as "heavy" it's made from a lighter weight cloth (4 oz. as opposed to the usual 6). It has been said that this is for milder climates (such as Japan). I'm in LA so it's perfect for here. Not really a winter jacket unless you're layering.
  Very curious. I just checked a bunch of my shirts and they all have the zig zag stitches, with the exception of the Blue OCBD. That one has the straight stitch, just like yours.
  Shitty customer service too.
  I tried to order from the Canadian site but it appears as if they don't ship to the US. Bummer.
 It's about the same as a regular white OCBD, so that might be stiff by your measure.
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