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  Be careful when checking out on East Dane. I applied the code but the discount disappeared after I logged in. Ended up paying full price. I emailed them afterwards to see if they'll adjust the price so we'll see.
  I live in LA and while I wouldn't wear it when it's in the mid '80s, it's seen plenty action over the past six months. I don't regret the purchase at all.
  Yeah, I noticed that as well. Ended up returning mine because it was a bit too tight on me.
 These codes are usually tied to specific accounts. Just tried adding and got this message: The promo code you entered, gilt30, is invalid or expired.
Here's another 15% off code from TBS:   PRE-SS14-SVY3K
  Definitely go with the 26. You want to size down with APC, but you should still be able to button up all the way. It should be tight, but you need to get all (or at the very least, almost all) of the buttons buttoned up.
 Here and there. Usually around events like Black Friday or Presidents Day and stuff like that.
 I asked the folks at the APC store about this and they suggested waiting until after a soak and/or wash to get them hemmed. They're likely to shrink some so it might be tough to estimate the "perfect" length before shrinkage.
  I ordered from them about a year ago and didn't get hit, though that might be because it was a U.S. made product (Gitman Bros.) or under the cost threshold. It cost me $100 but they might have marked it down. Not sure how it was sent. Hope this minor bit of info is a help.
 Two months, and just barely. Not really an unreasonable time frame.
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