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25% off at Oki-Ni with MID25. Just picked up some CPs. Assuming they refund VAT, that's a pretty good price.
 You are in no position to call something offensive after that racist bullshit. Get lost, creep.
  East Dane is good for this right now. 25% off with the code FAMILY25.
  They're pretty good. Quick shipment. I had an issue with a defective shirt once and they took care of it for me. Sign up for Context Cash if they're still doing that thing. More info about that on their site.
 Thanks for the heads up. Probably skipping this now.
  That is, frankly speaking, complete bullshit. Do not buy a shirt that's too tight expecting it to stretch out.
20% off sale items at Indigo & Cotton with 20MORE   http://indigoandcotton.com/sale/
  The waist is the only area with any noticeable stretching. The thighs may stretch a tiny bit but I wouldn't count on it. Hope that helps.
 Good deals at Ikkon. Picked up some chinos.
  That's too bad. They probably just looked at the site and saw that it was listed as available. I've heard that Unionmade's online stock is in a different location from the physical stores and that there is often confusion about what's available and what's not. Seems to come up every time they do a sale.
New Posts  All Forums: