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Giving yourself sometime to properly acclimate to the attitudes and beleifes of the men this side of SF takes some time. Viewing through a number of older posts would definitely give you an idea of what would be "appropriate" on this side. While there was no need to be so harsh, many of these men view themselves in an interesting light for their "knowledge". I wouldn't take it to hard, just give yourself some time.   Cheers
Georgia State University --> BA in Jornalism w/ a concentration in Public Relations. Anyone with public relations or fashion employment opportunities please let me know. Cheers!
Helmut Lang is the original purveyour of "raw" selvedge denim, well stateside. Before the entire raw denim craze took over, back in 2002 Helmut Lang and APC were 2 of the few brands carrying the quality denim. Cheers
Outside of the average over-priced consignment, where are some higgen thrift gems in the Atlanta area? Cheers
One of the more terrific set of all black shoes, in such a wide array, that I have ever seen.
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