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Re: CT's non-iron fabric. As with every non-iron shirt I've tried, I find my one CT such shirt hot. In fall, winter and early spring this usually doesn't bother me too much, but on hot summer days I hate it. Even in winter I notice that they don't breathe, but being too hot isn't as problematic then. For this reason I try never to buy non-iron fabrics. Tha one CT I do have I got because I really wanted that pattern and style shirt, and it was only available in non-iron....
Just ordered my first Equus belt last night, and once again I'll sing the wisdom of having the samples on hand. I upgraded to the Baker's Oak Brown because the samples clearly showed the subtleties of colour richness that the Bakers display. In comparing the samples with various shoes, the Bakers complemented a wide range of various shoe colours. I'm not big on having an exact match between belt and shoes, so I loved how, every time I put the Bakers sample next to a...
Just want to acknowledge that, after delaying of a while, I requested and received a packet of samples. Thank you, Charlie. At first I thought the samples, surprisingly, had served to reinforce my Web-based preferences. After further looking, feeling, and, yes, smelling , I'm reassessing once again. The color variation and richness of the Bakers (mentioned above) is very appealing, and it appears that it would complement a wide range of other clothing colours. Don't...
I find this very interesting, and it makes me think a bit differently about my own clothing buying. I'd never have the discipline to track such a thing myself.
Thanks for the info on the Cheaney sale. At least Cheaney puts a notice/link on their Website. Unfortunately, the model I REALLY want isn't on the sale, and (even worse) I contacted Cheaney and they say the last for the shoe I want will very likely not fit me because of width issues. Darn! I appreciate your help, Chowkin. I'm re-thinking my purchase and looking at Crockett & Jones instead, although they are more expensive. Just have to save-up a few more pounds! Thank you!
Hmm. I'll keep my eyes peeled for mentions of the sale. Is the factory store email listed somewhere? Seems like I have seen it. I'll look for it.Thanks for the heads-up.
I hesitated to reply to your post, but your budget has increased a bit since I first saw it, and that reinforces my initial reaction.I have never (I don't think) regretted spending a little extra on something that was just what I wanted and that was superior quality, even though it was a little more than I originally wanted to spend. I have, however, sometimes been sorry I compromised my standards just to save a few bucks.The Alden Leisure Hand-sewn Penny Loafer in...
RahulJAG: RE the navy suit with the bow tie: looks great.
Makes me want to buy a plane ticket!
Thanks, ManofKent. I'll keep my eyes open and saving for the ones I really want.
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