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Well, after admiring it, I threw away the packaging, so I'll just have to remember to take some shots when my new belt arrives in about six weeks. Unless someone else does it before then.
Just ordered my second Equus belt this afternoon, a black West End with polished nickel buckle, after receiving my first one a few days ago. Can't wait for that nicely presented Equus package in the mail in a few weeks. Thanks to Charlie, Dawn, and all the Equus staff!
Yes! Your sentiment seems to be the predominant one. My second purchase is already in the works, and the positive reactions to Equus, as well as Dawn and Charlie's very positive customer communications here on SF are the two main reasons I'm so excited.
Just received an email that my first Equus belt has been shipped. Never thought I'd be so excited about receiving what has always seemed before to be an essential but none too noteworthy apparel item. I guess one thing one learns on SF is that there are NO pieces of apparel that aren't noteworthy!
I'm awaiting my first Equus belt, and your post aroused my organ of expectation, as Jane Austen might say. Or maybe she wouldn't.
Thanks. That's very helpful.
So, the Barcelona store is smaller than the Madrid store; but is it still larger than the Web store? We're planning a trip to Barcelona perhaps next year, but probably not going to Madrid. Thanks for posting about this, as I've been wondering about the difference in offerings between the physical sites vs. the online offerings.
Re: CT's non-iron fabric. As with every non-iron shirt I've tried, I find my one CT such shirt hot. In fall, winter and early spring this usually doesn't bother me too much, but on hot summer days I hate it. Even in winter I notice that they don't breathe, but being too hot isn't as problematic then. For this reason I try never to buy non-iron fabrics. Tha one CT I do have I got because I really wanted that pattern and style shirt, and it was only available in non-iron....
Just ordered my first Equus belt last night, and once again I'll sing the wisdom of having the samples on hand. I upgraded to the Baker's Oak Brown because the samples clearly showed the subtleties of colour richness that the Bakers display. In comparing the samples with various shoes, the Bakers complemented a wide range of various shoe colours. I'm not big on having an exact match between belt and shoes, so I loved how, every time I put the Bakers sample next to a...
Just want to acknowledge that, after delaying of a while, I requested and received a packet of samples. Thank you, Charlie. At first I thought the samples, surprisingly, had served to reinforce my Web-based preferences. After further looking, feeling, and, yes, smelling , I'm reassessing once again. The color variation and richness of the Bakers (mentioned above) is very appealing, and it appears that it would complement a wide range of other clothing colours. Don't...
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