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I've done quite a bit of searching for waistcoats recently and purchased one from Stewart Christie in Edinburgh (it has yet to arrive). Walker Slater in the same city also has a fair selection. ShoeFinance77's suggestions are also good. All that said, I've not seen one like the one you pictured until now. If you're still looking, can you find out the manufacturer of the one you like and go from there?Perhaps having one made for you by a good tailor would be the best option.
Juan Manuel:Sorry for the terribly late reply.When I first saw the Howard R I fell in love with it. It just seemed to fit a "need" in my shoe "collection". I live in a rural area, and the Dainite sole works well for me, even though they are stiffer and I'd actually prefer leather soles.. I travel by automobile a lot, and these seem practical.I was worried about the fit, and I ended up dropping 1-1/2 sizes from my US 12 Medium width! A Cheaney staffer had :nodding:told me...
Just purchased a pair of Howard R's through Shoehealer. Just about have them broken in. I may not wear any of my other shoes all summer! Plus, I can't imagine any better customer service than that given by Richard and Michelle at Shoehealer. What genuine, knowledgeable, helpful people.
Well, after admiring it, I threw away the packaging, so I'll just have to remember to take some shots when my new belt arrives in about six weeks. Unless someone else does it before then.
Just ordered my second Equus belt this afternoon, a black West End with polished nickel buckle, after receiving my first one a few days ago. Can't wait for that nicely presented Equus package in the mail in a few weeks. Thanks to Charlie, Dawn, and all the Equus staff!
Yes! Your sentiment seems to be the predominant one. My second purchase is already in the works, and the positive reactions to Equus, as well as Dawn and Charlie's very positive customer communications here on SF are the two main reasons I'm so excited.
Just received an email that my first Equus belt has been shipped. Never thought I'd be so excited about receiving what has always seemed before to be an essential but none too noteworthy apparel item. I guess one thing one learns on SF is that there are NO pieces of apparel that aren't noteworthy!
I'm awaiting my first Equus belt, and your post aroused my organ of expectation, as Jane Austen might say. Or maybe she wouldn't.
Thanks. That's very helpful.
So, the Barcelona store is smaller than the Madrid store; but is it still larger than the Web store? We're planning a trip to Barcelona perhaps next year, but probably not going to Madrid. Thanks for posting about this, as I've been wondering about the difference in offerings between the physical sites vs. the online offerings.
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