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Is the outlet shop US only? Canadians out of luck?
Just picked up a pair of Long Branch boots for the winter. What should I do to prepare the leather for wet/snowy conditions?
Unfortunately AE is quite an expensive brand in Canada, especially these days. The best I`ve done here was a pair of Strands during a Brooks Brothers sale, but they were still over $300 after taxes. Ordering from AE directly is easy enough, but shipping is US$40 if I remember correctly, so even during a seconds sale you're looking at close to $300 CAD (could get hit with import taxes too).
 I bought these a few months ago when they were on sale. My office is business casual so I usually wear them with navy or forest green chinos. I also think they`d work well with a navy suit worn casually with no tie.
Has anyone convinced them to ship seconds to Canada? Frustrating that you can't check out with a Canadian address.
Did I miss out on this Hudson? Was going to pull the trigger but can't find it on the website any more.  
 They were firsts, bought brand new. I'll look into that heel upgrade.
Wondering if a tailor can fix these sleeves by adding a fifth button and an inch or so of length. This shirt's sleeves are a bit too long, making the suit's appear even shorter. I really like how the suit feels otherwise. It seems to accommodate my sloping right shoulder more naturally than most others I've tried.    
Part of the heel on my Park Avenues fell off when I was removing my Swims today. Probably an easy repair, but pretty disappointing. Only had them about a year and half.  
I'm a bit lost here. The first two pics are a Lazio 40L, the other two are a 40R. I like how the 40L looks from the front, but there seems to be far too much fabric in the back making it wrinkle and drape unnaturally. The 40R looks much better in that respect, and it feels great, but those sleeves look hopelessly short. I'm tempted to add another button to add an inch to the sleeves, but I'm not sure that would be adequate. Any suggestions?          
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