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Dudes never used to compliment on how I dressed. When I'm suited up, though, dudes + chicks compliment on my style.
do all suits come w/functioning cuffs? I worry because on of my arms is approx 1/2" longer than the other, and I might want to have sleeves shortened. also, at 5'10" 165lbs, I hope the classic fit is forgiving enough for my average size (note: I'm probably actually thinner than average for an america, esp in West Texas, but thin euro cuts I cannot pull off, nor do I want to, as I need very traditional cuts in my profession---lawyering)   Thanks!
find a store and return them --- if you havent worn them
this. somuch of this.
I think the shoe color depends on the formality of the event. Uber business meeting = black. Casual business meeting = brown is okay.
walmart next RL? huh?
this. I told alterations person (chinese lady w/"okay" english) I like cuffs. She apparently took that as nonbinding language and didn't cuff the pants. they're narrow at the bottom, so they look fine, but I was kinda upset.
I don't have enough money to afford "time piece". I can merely afford "looks decent and tells time". haha
dang it! link? I searched and couldn't find anything (didn't really know which terms to use, admittedly).       /ps sorry for the "potato" pictures...I had to use my tablet, which apparently sucks at taking pictures
It isn't in the front's kind of on the outside. It's an ebay buy (hickey freeman) and when I put on the slacks I thought there was a hole, but it looked too clean. I looked more closely and BOOM! It's a pocket. I've never seen a watch pocket like it common? I think it looks kinda neat.      
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