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Very nice and sweet photo newbiest!  
Nice choice!
  This looks certainly good on the model. You see, this particular style suits really slimmer frames, almost modelesque. However, for the average joe, I'm afraid not everyone's comfortable in it.
  In terms of color, the blue one looks better with the shirt. That said, you should opt for a long sleeved shirt next time.
It's just a polo shirt, you pretty much pair it with your favorite jeans.
The good thing about ordering from Indochino is that  everything you need to measure your suit is right there and they also provide a tailor's kit which includes a few sample fabric swatches. I' m happy to say that the charcoal suit I ordered is now almost a year old and still looks pretty good.
I think nothingdescribes a well-dressed man than a nice fitting tailor made suit/jacket.
The blue tie gets my vote.
I really prefer their dress shirts, especially the traveler's collection, more than anything in their collection.  The wrinke-free feature is true to its claim. Andabout a year ago, I bought a suit from the signature gold collection, the material and fit was great I had no problems with it but I always thought I can get a better deal elsewhere for the same price.
I completely disagree on this notion. I'd rather imply that nice tailored clothes look best on people who carry themselves confidently, regardless of body type.
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