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I left this site years ago because of all the annoying nerds, constantly fighting. So I decide to take a peek back in and find that shit is far worse and even nerdier than before. What I ultimately realized is that people that post in these types of forums are *generally* completed insecure and utterly desperate for approval and will resort to insulting the guy next to him, in an attempt to make himself look better. In reality, I've never experienced a whinier, less...
Hey guys, it's been a long time. No heat in the basement: Vintage Pendleton coat, French thermal, vintage black Levis, Buttero work boots, '72 Les Paul.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Man, this is all great. I love the khakis with the dark denim jacket - the orange stitching and the light blue shirt really ties them together. Great fit all-around too. Rye, I 'm sure I've said something before, but I love those shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by americanswede Hehe that´s funny, some american friends who came here to study two years ago said the very exact thing. It´s very common to see people tucking their pants, especially into their cons. Well, I think I could imagine that working on a manorexic 17 y/o Swedish kid, but it's looking weird on your frame - it's especially disturbing paired with the cardi.
^fit and colors, great all-around.
Hmm, I like a lot of G-star stuff (sans huge logos) but hardly any Diesel - only when they manage to pop out something classy as opposed to the usual sort of misguided 'edgy'.
Forgive the unwitting appearance of affectation on the face. Home
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Awesome. Argh, I'm tired of waiting for our H&M out here. Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika This is great. Levis
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