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Any pics of how the Raws end up fading?
My apologies, I thought we were talking about the RL Sample Sale.
We just got over 2... One was a pink pony sample sale, and the other happened on Nov 4th already.
Powell boot looks awesome! Thinking about purchasing as well.
Wish they did this in a cardigan, but very dope nonetheless. May pull the trigger on this item. I believe summer goes on sale next week.
It seems that is calling stores to accommodate orders, and some of the stores are not sending items because well... It's fraud and stolen basically. Lol Good luck with some of your purchases.
Sorry if I stirred the pot a bit, just wanted to clear some misconception and shed light on the positives instead of the negatives. I may not post much but I do enjoy seeing every1s different taste in clothing... I would post pics of the training shoes I bought at the West Broadway store but I am mainly on mobile since I am always on the move. You guys should definitely check out the sneakers for the upcoming spring & summer
Although reselling can get you terminated .... Lol no Ralph Lauren does not give employee discounts so he can fire them.... RRL CLOTHING I wish you nothing but success with that thought process.
I actually bought them.... They're the normal RRL training sneaker but in like an over dyed Indigo, they came in the duck canvas as well.Very cool sneakers(Double post lol)
A lot of misconception about Ralph Lauren in general in this thread as of late lol... The ones that think they know, just know so little. Yes reselling merch is frowned upon.. But Ralph Lauren encourages employees to buy more, because it's great advertising for him. Business with employees are sort of similar to this forum actually. Just like this thread, a lot of us choose what we buy based on the pictures and how it looks on the individual. If you see an employee with...
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