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POP, a first for me, or atleast i hope so. Could i get an authenticy check on this tie?    
So i just bought my first par of Vass in Budapest. What do you guys think? Its dark Brown museum calf, f last, size 44. Sorry for the crappy picture
Great news, thank you :)
 Whats this 10% cash discount that everyone is talking about? Im going to Budapest this weekend and will most probably buy a pair. Im from Sweden, am i eligible for the discount?
I have a pair of shoes in suede that i have brushed to hard and the Suede is slightly damaged. Is it possible to fix somehow?  
 Thank you!
I bought a J Lindeberg jacket yesterday at a sale. Its made in italy and pretty well constructed. Do you guys have any idea which producer have made the jacket? I dont really regognize the tag, its pretty similar to Caruso but not exatly the same.  
Found 3 recent staple orphans in my size today, 2 caruso, one grey and one striped blue one. Also one navy corneliani..so freaking sad to not findunt the pants anywhere!!
I found an super recent Belvest 6x2 double breasted jacket in staple blue with working cuffs. It could be an orphan but it is definitely wearable as an sportcoat. Its taggad as EU54 (US44) and avaliable. Measurements and more details over PM. If i havent gotten any offers until monday, i will sell it through a local consigment store.   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: