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Its the Sky Blue Summer Chambray.Although more of an end-on-end than a Chambray it's a wonderful fabric, very comfortable to wear. I'll be wearing this shirt formally and casually (depending on collar or lack thereof).
It attaches using a stud at the back and a stud at the front. I always assumed 2 studs wouldn't every create a secure 'connection' as it were.But once the collar is on its sits snug and secure.This is a soft yet heavily fused collar from Darcy Clothing, heavier than the spearpoint the shirt came with.Hope this helps.
Just took delivery of my latest Luxire shirt in the blue summer chambray - at first touch the handle is wonderfully soft. I'm looking forwards to wearing this out and about.   Ordered on 2nd of February, delivered this morning.    I'm currently in a separate collar mood so opted for that. More collar styles to be purchased in the future. The sleeve heads and rear have been attached using shiring. I'll see about getting some pictures wearing the darned thing later on...
I just took delivery of this Rubinacci Samurai square from Exquisite Trimmings. I'd not seen the Samurai square printed in these colours before.     
Re: Rubinacci - they had limited squares when I was in. Looked like they only had the range that was on the website. The price in GBP was £85.
in stitches, those colours on the suit/tie/square are glorious. To the extent I felt the need to actually post and tell you, instead of a silent "thumbs up". Definitely wear more stripes, you've not gone wrong yet.
I picked up this pocket square from Rubinacci in London. I chose the brown/cream design for versatility. I did however want to leave the boutique with ALL the pocket squares... An ALL the ties...  
 Yes, it has padded shoulders.
You can get the side seams taken in.
The sizing guide at the bottom of the CT website gives waist, chest and length measures for the various fits.
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