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Hi there, StyleForum! I'm a student at the bottom of the world in New Zealand, and unsurprisingly, rather starved for the sorts of clothes I'm into. Uniqlo's fantastic quality for the price-point, and I regret not picking up more things while in Tokyo. So I'm looking for somebody to ship items for me from the US (so I suppose, Manhattan?) I can offer $20 or 10% and, of course, I'll cover shipping expenses. If you're interested in helping out, please let me...
What colour are these?
Besides from the matching shade, obviously, is there any difference between your standard chino shorts and the cotton shorts they match with summer suits these days?
Nudie, Dr. Denim, or Ksubi for quality?
  Whoops! Caught out. I'm no giant.
What's regular fit of Uniqlo like? In particular the OCBDs. I'm a guy of 95 inches or so in the chest with fairly broad shoulder, so I'm worried the regular fit will billow out at the waist. If somebody has already comprehensively covered sizing, please direct me to them and accept my apologies for trawling the same old content!
Can anybody point me to a kind fellow who'll run a Uniqlo proxy for a New Zealander? I'd be happy to offer the same service back or a service fee.
White chinos or white jeans? Why?
Clark's to celebrate my 18th birthday by.
Besides from khakis, what are some good colours to match to navy on top?
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