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Spend the extra dollar for the tracking and it usually comes with insurance.  Protects both the seller and the buyer.  It saves the headache of waiting and trying to figure out the whereabouts of the package. 
Ok.  Thanks.  I do feel a bit of the chest piece in the way if rolling the lapel to the middle button.  I will check Jefferyd's post on this.
  Agree.  1 is more common and 2 not so much but would be the maximum.  Personally, I played with 1 or 2 and I prefer 2.   The definition of slovenly seems worst than what it is actually describing.  What I mean is this the appropriate word to describe someone with 2 buttons off or am i missing something here?  I am a Noob after all.   Any other thoughts on this?
I think it makes sense and pretty much consistent in various info on the web.  You know, like start with the basics of navy, black, grey and shirts that can be mixed and matched then followed by shoes and so on.  I like his thoughts around keeping your wardrobe within the price range of your work environment...and choosing the right style to fit you and it does not have to be expensive. 
Newbie in the forum.  I accidentally discovered this forum while googling Tom Ford.  So I watched the Style Forum Special first :)  There is a wealth of information here and I hope to look through these first before asking.  I also hope to contribute to the forum.  Thanks.
Noob here.   I have a question for the Master Tailors.    I recently purchased a grey suit.  It is 3 button but the lapel design was folded to be 2 button.  It was designed this way and the other suits on the rack are like this.  It looks like the picture in the first post of this thread.  Is there a name for this style?  It gives one the option to button the top 2 whenever possible.     My second question is I have a 3 button suit and want to convert it just...
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