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So did I do it OK? I sent the money (half amount) + shipping with the details of what I want. I did this Wednesday night.
Nudie finn's in black! Now I will have all three
dig those
I have such a headache.
$115 lowest price! This is as low as I can go!
bump $22 for the sperry's
Sperry Topsiders: Sz 9M, worn quite a bit, but are still in great shape. I no longer find this fit my aesthetic so they have been wasting away in my closet for a while. $27 shipped Levi 511 Skinny, sz 30X31, worn for about a month straight, some fading, washed thrice. A lot of life left in these. $20 shipped PM me if you are interested, thanks. -Ben
Quote: Originally Posted by thereverend Sorry for the pipe suggestions. I don't think you should apologize for anything.
BUMP $125 Shipped! This thing is new and beautiful, someone buy it!
Several cigarettes a month, hookah on occasion (once a season?)
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