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Is anyone interested in purchasing one of the original Apex 10-ply sweaters in near perfect condition in a size large? I haven't really been able to wear it due to Atlanta not being cold enough. Send me a message we can talk about price.     Picture of which sweater I'm talking about
Looking for a BLACK TOJ 2013 Double Rider jacket with a belt or really any TOJ motorcycle jacket that fit's in this criteria of measurements   Shoulder 2 Shoulder 18-19 in   Pit 2 Pit 20-22 in   Overall Length 25-26 in   Sleeve Length 24-26 in   Waist Slim, I don't like the box fit shit.   Hit. Me. Up.
 I didn't know it was possible to special order CCP after darklands decided to stop a few years ago. What is the Office?  Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows what the sizing is like for MA+ boots or if it's possible to special order a pair similar to either of these? I'm looking for something more towards the black ones. Anyone have any ideas?
 I'm like a nike size 11-12 depending on the model but with eu sizing, I can be a 10 in something like Augusta or A1923 but for the most part I'm a size 44. 
 I want a pair of black tornadoes but I can't find any in my size or in the shape of the Bison tornado I was asking about. the thing that intrigues me about the bison tornado isn't the material or the fact that it's dripped, it's the shape of the shoe. If I could find a straight up deep black smooth kangaroo or cordovan version o the tornadoes with the same shape as those pictured. I'd definitely buy them. My only problem is I'm confused about the sizing. I need an insole...
 where can I buy these or an all black tornado with that profile. I'm in love with these.
I bought the 10-ply sweater a while ago. It is so butter. While not as soft as I expected it to be. It's definitely luxurious and warm as balls. Also it fits pretty well underneath my coats and jackets for when I need to layer. I was actually afraid that it wouldn't fit me but I was pleasantly surprised. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite sweaters.
I hope I'm not breaking any rules but I would like to let everyone know that I'm selling my S.E.H kelly grandad shirt in charcoal. I really wish I didn't have to do this (like you wouldn't believe) but it just doesn't make sense to keep something that doesn't fit me. I wish S.E.H kelly would do bespoke but oh well. It's a size Large, Price is 100 bucks.  
Can anyone tell me how saint laurent fits in relation to nike? I'm a size 11.5 in nike shoes but I'm unsure how that would translate to my saint laurent sizing. Should I buy a size 11?
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