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I bought the 10-ply sweater a while ago. It is so butter. While not as soft as I expected it to be. It's definitely luxurious and warm as balls. Also it fits pretty well underneath my coats and jackets for when I need to layer. I was actually afraid that it wouldn't fit me but I was pleasantly surprised. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite sweaters.
I hope I'm not breaking any rules but I would like to let everyone know that I'm selling my S.E.H kelly grandad shirt in charcoal. I really wish I didn't have to do this (like you wouldn't believe) but it just doesn't make sense to keep something that doesn't fit me. I wish S.E.H kelly would do bespoke but oh well. It's a size Large, Price is 100 bucks.  
Can anyone tell me how saint laurent fits in relation to nike? I'm a size 11.5 in nike shoes but I'm unsure how that would translate to my saint laurent sizing. Should I buy a size 11?
 A little to late for that. Ordered a size 3 =/.
  What size sweatshirt do you wear and what are your measurements? Do they run large at all or no?
Hey guys I'm kind of confused on the sizing of james perse items. Specifically their outerwear. I want to buy one of their down jackets but it's on sale and I won't have an opportunity to return it after I buy it. I want to know what size I should get. I'm athletic so I work out a lot and I'm still growing in terms of muscle. That being said I'm a skinny lanky type of person. Also I have very broad shoulders and long arms so I want to know what size I should get and how...
That coat is fire
 Well it was a long time ago, almost 2 years, so it doesn't really matter I should have dropped it. I didn't notice how old the post was so sorry for that. For all my opinion is worth (not much) I think you're a pretty cool person with pretty cool clothes. Ironic speak of the devil
 I really love some of your fits brad but yes you are a habitual dick head. I don't know if it's intentional or if you take clothing and personal style that seriously but sometimes you can be a huge dick for what to me seems to be no other reason than to hurt someone's feelings. I should know because I experienced it. I still like your fits though.
New Posts  All Forums: