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I agree to not wearing suspenders with jeans but to this whole coordinating process,,,,,,How do you coordinate your suspenders? Im sure we all have enough sense to put something together that looks nice but what is the general idea when deciding what pair of suspenders to wear with what pants, shirt and tie or bow tie...
Lets move as far away as possible from the Urkel territory. I feel like you do have to make sure that the color of your suspenders match every color of your outfit even if they will not be seen.
I see them with a nice bow tie, pleated slacks and a blazer. Color wise, not too bright but a bow tie that stands out, matching belt and shoes and a nuetral colored blazer. The color suspenders would compliment the color of the bow tie. I wouldnt choose the exact same color bow tie and suspenders wise.
I am a huge fan of bucks and that entire style of shoes.  I bought pair a few months ago in the winter of a dark grey color and a whool material.  Are these ok to wear during the summer time?
For a while now, I have been debating on whether or not to take up suspenders.  I love the overall look of them but I never truly know when is an appropriate time to wear them. Are they acceptable in a business casual setting and if so would they be fitting for business casual?
Good Morning everyone, my name is William and I am a college student with a love for fashion and stlye.  Looking forward to getting thoroughly involved in this website and expanding my horizons.
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