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I feel like belts are very useful for style purposes.  Should pants have belt loops or not? I cannot answer that but I do not think there is anything wrong with belt loops or wearing a belt. 
belts should never be used? why do you think that? Is it because you never wear them or something else?
I live in Atlanta. Everyone wants to be flashy despite the riduculous heat and humidity.
 I can agree with taking off your jacket while at your desk at work or maybe somewhere sitting where you just may get hot. I do see how it can largely depend on the circumstance though.I like the hidden suspenders concept though.
I actually like the idea of no one seeing your suspenders except for myself or if they are seen its not done on purpose. A simple arm swing or turn may expose them. The entire "flashy in public" look or the "showoff every aspect of my outfit" look is not for me. Its a little immature too in my opinion.
Ok I see it
Care to explain why please?
I mean well that can be applied to socks as well. No one is really going to see them but it still matters what color they are in relation to the rest of your outfit but I understand buying a pair of charocal or mid grey ones so they can be worn with everything.
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