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as your non-lawyer I strongly advise you to do take the law into your own hands. And then post the story here for our enjoyment
you're in NYC and can't think of something to do???
wearing outfits like that (even if just for parades) and being part of the actual army is pretty badas IMO. But being "bizzare" is always a plus in my book so what do I know
awesome, thanks for the link. Not gonna buy this time since my size is out but as a big Tellason fan I'm glad I discovered this surplus site
 yep the shopping scene is pretty barren here. Food is another story, lots and lots of great places to try depending on what you like. Provisions is a nice casual (though slightly overpriced) place that I always recommend to friends who've never been. Paulie's has great pasta. Tons of tex-mex though that's less my vibe as I find it too greasy.All the Asian food you need on Bellaire Blvd (my faves Banana Leaf for Malaysian/Singaporean, Hong Kong Cafe for HK classics and Fu...
 you mean the OBCDs? They are pretty unbeatable price-to-quality. Did you grab some of the new season ones? Wondering if they fixed the ridiculous flaring at the waist. It's an easy fix at the tailor's but still annoying Never liked the other shirts though, broadcloth not fitted and fabric not soft enough and dress shirts too scratchy. Flannels are cool though I'm between sizes
anyone willing to proxy? I'm only interested in utility chinos, sz 31
fabric looks great but could do with some patch pockets
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