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eh these were just too big in a Tommy Bahama kind of way (and sizing down didn't work). Just not my thing, no worries
IME they fit way looser, and too long. Maybe hot wash+dry could've helped but at that price I'd rather get more OBCDs which fit me perfect
PSA: the short sleeve slim fit OBCDs fit smaller than the long-sleeve. Consider sizing up
if Simpson and Meermin Hiro are too snug for me in 8.5UK (slightly wide feet here) should I go 9 in Rain or 8.5? Seems like most people who have both size Hiro and Rain the same, but Simpson 0.5 up. Which would make me potentially a 9.5UK in Simpson, and I'm pretty sure that would be too big
how do you even know they're not wearing socks? Are they wearing their pants so high you can see their ankles? That would be ridiculous
The ones with the grosgrain stripe are spring/summer, the other ones are previous seasons
maybe slightly thinner but I didn't find them to be sheer
I had a croissant phase (read: 1 weekend) and I don't see how a machine would simplify the process. Kneading the dough almost seems like the easiest part. Sidenote: Trader Joe's sells very decent croissants in their frozen section. At least as good as any I can find around Houston (not exactly Michelin-standard I'll admit)
for those with slightly-wide feet, did you size up on the Hiro last? Took me 3months to realize my Hiro oxfords in black calf were just a little too tight in the toe box, wish I'd sized up 0.5... Still, I'm thinking of getting another pair since I really like these. Also looking at the tobacco suede chukkas
Care to post a fit pic?
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