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yeah but it's Japanese
they just added some club collar shirts that look quite nice. I might go for one or two, don't really have anything like these in my work wardrobe  
I've gotta say apart from the focus of the article most SF members came across pretty well (lmao @ the UWS question)
ah awesome, thanks. I'll wait to see if they release some in the Manhattan fit then pounce like a tiger shark. As far as the Manhattan v old fit (confusingly the shirts are still called Tokyo slim fit), my initial impressions are that there is a bit less fabric in the upper arm area, the waist has been taken in a bit and the collar feels softer. This is not based on measurements or even extensive experience, just from a couple of wears
I've got one that I have worn a couple times, and really like. Ordered 2 more to confirm impressions (and possibly replace some of my older shirts). Also, I recently got this OCBD recently and the fabric is lighter than the ones I purchased last year. Sort of between a lightweight and midweight oxford cloth, and not as rough to the touch. Does Kamakura typically make lighter OCBDs as summer approaches (which would be perfect for me, living in TX), or is it just this...
20% off today at Bread & Boxers. Not a huge fan of their tees but the boxers are a good buy
 tell us how you really feel
Bloomingdales: Take an extra 20% off Sale items with code BIGEVENT
damn, I guess @RegisDB9 isn't content anymore with opening 48 tabs to check new drops at online stockists
35% off at Handvaerk today with code FLASH35. Free international shipping for orders over $150   I have a couple of their sweatshirts, they're really good quality. Super basic design but if that's your aesthetic you can't go wrong with this brand IMO
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