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chino questions:   vintage chinos: went TTS, should I expect these to stretch a bit in the waist since they're 100% cotton? I could do with an extra 1/2" but don't want to size up otherwise (thigh, ankle, etc all good) slim chinos: sized up 1 and they're pretty much perfect. Do these stretch after a few months of wear?
lmao the hustle is real
 they don't (and never have AFAIK)
I have some from previous seasons in a S that are great. Tried some a few weeks ago in store and they fit slimmer. S was slightly too tight (but M still too baggy). YMMV of course
Imperial matte pomade paste gets my vote. Smells good too  
except no matter how good pictures are, seeing things in person is still irreplaceable. not to mention feeling the material, etc
 they have Gyakusou at TJ Maxx?
also they currently run the Gant Rugger store in the Marais and are really cool/helpful in person
got a couple of the slim-fit striped OBCDs, I like them but for some reason they're just a touch slimmer in the chest than the plain ones. Probably not worth sizing up though   just ordered the tech sweats, I'm not expecting greatness but we'll see
where is MoK these days anyway? Feel like I haven't seen him post in a while
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