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 so she started a company because she dressed terribly? As far as startup backstory that seems pretty weak
just bought 2 Land Rovers for like 30 bucks
additional 25% off sales items at EastDane with code 25EXTRA
tbh for white shirts I now stick to their OCBDs (which are great). Tried 2-3 other fabrics but they were just too thin. I'd say the 300 club ones were acceptable too but too expensive for my work-clothes budget so I just have a couple for nicer occasions
if that's all you got out of those tweets then that's cool (I know, I know, take it to the CEsspool)
 holy sh!t. I try not to read Trump related articles more than a couple times a week (not easy with a NYT subscription) but that series of tweets was something else
filled donuts are Lucifer's handiwork
I had a cucumber and mint sorbet at Carmela that was really great. Tried to replicate it at home but I can't get the texture right
you only wear CPs if there's a chance they'll get noticed?
honestly check eBay; I was fiending for the dark grey bballs a few months back and they popped up recently in my size (42 as well) so I insta-copped
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