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ordered a couple this morning, will post my thoughts when I get them. Went with my regular size since they mention a loose fit. A little nervous about the "slightly sheer fabric", but we'll see
 you're probably a 42, at least for vintage Achilles. Sizing differs depending on the model
OBCDs are the greatest, get 12 minimum
 yeah that does sound like a good option. Or maybe a pair of OC DBs for semi-casual/formal thanks for the input
flying to Tokyo+Kyoto next week for 10 days, I'm extremely psyched. Bringing a pair of CPs and some flyknits so I'm good on the comfy shoes front but was considering also packing a pair of suede oxfords for evenings/restaurants. Is that even necessary, since at most we'll do 1 fancy dinner? I usually only wear sneakers when I travel but for some reason I have the urge to class it up a bit on this trip
nah W Gray is the address, not the cw
FWIWI mine have held up v well. Run 25mi/week and they've definitely lasted past 400 miles. I'm on my 4th pair now
yeah I was hoping for an overseas member who might have feedback but like you said hopefully we get them soon. Gonna be in Tokyo in 3 weeks, maybe I'll hit up a store there so I can get some size L tees (I'm usually a S)
anyone try the cotton-linen tees yet? How do they compare to last year's pocket Ts?
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