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I get a feeling that Inherent Vice is going to generate a lot of split opinions. I read the book last year and have no idea how a good movie can come out of it (then again I'm not a huge fan of the psychedelia-influenced films I've seen).   Gone Girl B+ well crafted, although I thought it was a little heavy on Nick's side v hearing Amy's (wackadoo) motivations. Still this is about as good as I would expect from a multiplex-released offering   Nas Time Is Illmatic:...
i saw Zvyagintsev's Leviathan a couple days ago and I'm still thinking about it constantly. It's a great follow-up to Elena, and another take on the cancer of corruption/lost democracy in current Russia and feels quite magistral at times. Apparently the movie has finally secured distribution in Russia, will be interesting to see the reactions to it (notably on the role of religion). Also I really wish I could find the main piece of music that plays a few times during the...
are you sure you're eligible for a standard upgrade? What you're describing sounds like the early upgrade pricing (which is my situation). If that's not right just call ATT, they should be able to fix it
I think the worst name for me might be Christian L'Enfant Roi
best place in NYC to try some Escos? Kith/Atrium?
 I knew the robots were gonna take over at some point but didn't think they'd be posting on SF so soon
Ida was a revelation for me. Quite certain I won't see better framing/composition in a movie this year. Which other movies of Pawlikowski's should I seek out?
new season CPs slowly rolling in everywhere, but nothing at TBS so far (I always get good service from them, and with their occasional promo code I can cop at "retail"). Very undecided on the bball mids. Depending on the pic the shaft looks oversized for slim trousers or just the right size. Gonna use my NYC trip in two weeks to visit DSM I think...
something about these looks extremely generic.
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