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@adeniran great review, thanks for that (and the pics!). I was tempted by the black but I may go for the brown. And style it exactly like you did haha
pants are quite thin, I wasn't a fan
fake suede bomber is now on the US website. If anyone cops please post a review!
I'm 97% certain Jeffrey Wright's character was wearing a Barena blazer on the Westworld pilot  
size up
 I think the raincoat might just be the previous season's iteration
Bloomingdale's has a couple of random pieces but it may be a bit early for the staples to be on sale (at least from the usual stockists)
Yeah it was 30% off on Tuesday, although for some reason they charged me full price. Waiting to receive the item before I contact them to adjust but my email confirm definitely has the 30% off price (copped a Veilance Nemis for 2 bills, not bad)
thanks for the review, I've been thinking about picking one up. Did you go TTS?
New Posts  All Forums: