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honestly check eBay; I was fiending for the dark grey bballs a few months back and they popped up recently in my size (42 as well) so I insta-copped
dinner at Otium tonight to celebrate the end of our honeymoon trip (capped off by 3 days in LA). Pretty loud inside, which means it probably sucks to eat there on a Friday or Saturday night, but on a random Tuesday it was fine. We had:   Amberjack w/ Yuzu, Smoked Tangerine, Chicharron Cauliflower w/ Grapes, Almond, Cilantro, Sultana Dry Aged Beef Tartare w/ Lavash, Bulgur, Yogurt, Mint Cuttlefish w/ Hearts of Palm, Button Mushroom, Chile, Thai Basil Spaghetti w/...
I don't care so much about sous-vide myself as I had a couple of average experiences of it before, but it really brought out the tenderness and flavor last night (got the steak rare, if that makes a difference). As for the fries, I was quite hungry so I can't discount that, but I didn't taste any added sweetness, which is usually something that bothers me
went to a near-empty L'Assiette on Melrose tonight; as a Frenchie I still think high-end steak-frites is kinda dumb, but that sous-vide beef is close to perfect. And the fries are always on point, even if I'd love for them to be skinnier. And tbh the price doesn't seem that bad when you consider the portion size.   Heading to Grand Central Market tomorrow, gonna be tough to decide on which food stand to patronize
  Lunar Flow LSR PRM
if you're feeling really bored on this Friday afternoon here's a NYT piece on a fashion "influencer" 
eBay $15 off $75+. Works until 5pm EST   http://pages.ebay.com/promo/2016/0322/15Spring.html   Also don't forget to enroll in eBay bucks while you're at it (if you're not already)
not a huge fan of the waistband on those pants but the jacket looks good. Is it lined?
I sized down 1 on the bballs compared to the Achilles
tbh whichever one you buy first you'll probably end up wanting the others later sooo just get the best deal?
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