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 funny you should say that, saw these at Gap a couple weeks back. Leather quality was about what you'd expect 
it is thin but stacks fine IMO. Then again I live in south Texas, so I gotta compromise anyway ha
haven't heard too much about their "Miracle Air' denim on here but I'm a fan so far. A little tighter than the skinny tapered and with less stretch but they're a good beater option for the summer
 he was asking for Chicago tips...
Eataly is a good call. Shake Shack's across the street if you're into that sort of thing
20% off at Rooney with code SPRING (exclusions apply, didn't see any CPs there for example)
is this a random namedrop or is there a Klay/Thunder connection I'm not aware of?
cool new haircut @nicelynice 
even Church's is getting into the minimalist sneaker game  
 thanks for the feedback. Didn't like the feel of the pair I tried that had a similar fabrics mix (68 blue in a previous season) but maybe I'll give the blacks a shot just to check
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