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also they currently run the Gant Rugger store in the Marais and are really cool/helpful in person
got a couple of the slim-fit striped OBCDs, I like them but for some reason they're just a touch slimmer in the chest than the plain ones. Probably not worth sizing up though   just ordered the tech sweats, I'm not expecting greatness but we'll see
where is MoK these days anyway? Feel like I haven't seen him post in a while
same here. East Dane is great for that purpose, especially if you have a Prime account
there are very few things I buy from J Crew nowadays (mostly 484 chinos) but I kinda wish they had a Madewell-equivalent for men. All the stuff my gf's shown me from them has seemed more interesting than what I see from J Crew's women section when I walk through a store. Kinda wish their Saucony collab went up to (bigger) men's sizes as well   
the ugly Xmas sweater thing is out of control, I think it's the Skynet of our times
TBS code for pre-sale PRE-SALE-39UO9 starts Dec 12 at midnight   pls post if you use it
ah ok
when the sweatpants brigade launches their final assault on the non-sweatpants resistance, I will be right there on the barricade, belting out "Do you hear the people sing" while the looming darkness creeps closer and closer
this W+H's on sale at East Dane http://www.eastdane.com/cabin-fleece-crewneck-sweatshirt-wings/vp/v=1/1563579812.htm?colorId=16888
New Posts  All Forums: