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APC does have a few models with stretch (at least for the PNS cut), but I'm partial to Acne myself. Ace cut is best cut, and not that tough to find under retail
any sizing advice for  Wings+Horns hi-tops compared to CP Achilles? I'm a 43 in the lows and mids, and a 42 in the Bballs
i was big into raw denim for a while, then a couple years ago swore by Acne's stretch denim, and now I'm wearing Outlier Slim Dungarees any chance I get. It's hard to see yourself going back once you move on, but some people really like the story and personalization of raw denim
 not exactly but close. There was a great piece in the NYer earlier this year about him: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/02/29/geza-rohrig-corpse-washer-and-movie-star I thought it was a very impactful movie experience, which I'm really glad I saw in a somewhat-full theater. The ending got to me a little bit
club collar
 so she started a company because she dressed terribly? As far as startup backstory that seems pretty weak
just bought 2 Land Rovers for like 30 bucks
additional 25% off sales items at EastDane with code 25EXTRA
tbh for white shirts I now stick to their OCBDs (which are great). Tried 2-3 other fabrics but they were just too thin. I'd say the 300 club ones were acceptable too but too expensive for my work-clothes budget so I just have a couple for nicer occasions
if that's all you got out of those tweets then that's cool (I know, I know, take it to the CEsspool)
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