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those are their Theo pants; those and the Soho are basically all I wear at work now. A bit of stretch for comfort and just enough tapering
broke down and ordered the Carta. I think I'm done playing the sales game for CPs I really want (VAT reduction and low Euro mitigates this a bit anyway). Always preferred the light grey to the all-whites so I'm looking forward to getting them.   Tried some Zespas but they were really uncomfortable to me, and I just don't like the silhouette as much as the Achilles. Guess I'm sticking with CP, hopefully European stores are a cheaper option for a while cos I really don't...
I'm a big big fan of these Manhattan fit shirts. Don't really feel like wearing my older Kamakura shirts anymore now, I might have to replace them slowly since they're all I wear at work   also interested in feedback on the knit shirts. Do they really wear cooler in the summer?
yeah I'm actually thinking I might get one of those comfort blazers from the qlo. Just a work beater for cooler mornings so I'm not sure I want to spend that much. Wts, I could use a soft-tailored blazer for dressier occasions, have just been lazy about scrolling through the myriad options on Yooxthanks, I'll check those out
generally best to size up 1 for Barena
thanks, I'll add one to my next round of Yoox roulette
cool I'll have a look. How's the length? I'm not looking for CM-appropriate, but I'd like to have something that's not too short either
is there a decent brand on Yoox for Italian-style soft-shouldered blazers, for $200ish? In the vein of Lardini/Boglioli et al. No looking for something super formal, but not a Barena either. I know I can find those brands on Yoox but at that price range they never have my size in a boring color (grey or navy)
they've released some in the Tokyo Classic this past week, so perhaps they'll do some in the NY Slim soon as well?
yeah but it's Japanese
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