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anyone know what the pants on the right are. Look like a slim version of the lounge pants. In-store only?  
does Odin typically not do a summer sale?   edit: I'm an idiot, there's no link on the main page but they do have a sale going on. Guess what I want just won't be on sale this year...
I'm guessing he's more into the beisbol than the futbol due to his Cuban heritage?
of course I use butter for baking, I just meant I hate is as a garnish, tastes gross to me (I also dislike milk as a drink)
NBA is quietly moving toward this. Probably will add small sponsor logos within the next couple of years.
as a wannabe amateur baker I really appreciate the scenes where he's baking his loaves. As a butter-hater, however, I'm not so thrilled with the rest
go the new slim fit chinos and I'm not a fan. Guess I prefer 100% cotton more than I thought
 sidenote but I've never ever understood this motivation. And I used to fly every week for work.
anyone check out the new slim OBCDs yet? Hoping they've fixed the flaring at the waist. Still no lavender though... 
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