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nah, I meant in terms of hype. Seen a bunch of comments on IG about blushes, but perhaps it's just coincidence
are the blush this season's chelseas? I feel like I've seen multiple mentions of them lately
Soto Store posted these matte dark greys on their IG, so good    
 c'mon man did you really just write that you'd rather have Tom Petty over Bruno Mars in a SB halftime show?? Agree to disagree I guess.
yea I enjoyed that show way more than I expected. Bruno Mars killed it but even Coldplay sounded surprisingly fresh
is this literal day?
 Narcos had great potential but making the blond guy the focal point was a big mistake, given how impossibly bland that actor was. And those voice-overs, ugh I rate Sicario among my top 3 this year, loved the gloominess and apocalyptic vibe. The Assassin is probably the best thing I saw in 2015, but that was on a 9" screen in the middle of a 16hr flight to Taipei so my mental state wasn't the most level. Need to rewatch it on my projector at some point because even in...
check out Classic Specs as well, I've been pleased with the 2 pairs I got from them, more so than with WP
@Cotton Dockers is the Uniqlo shirt a slim-fit OBCD? I'm surprised at how nice your collar roll looks, none of my shirts have that
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