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(some sizes still left on NDC for those interested)
this thread could use more pics
great review, thanks
I ordered a pair this morning, hoping they are better than Uniqlo (and ideally attract less lint) as well
looks like some are taking "meet me outside Uniqlo" in a whole new direction http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jul/16/uniqlo-sex-video-film-shot-in-beijing-store-goes-viral-and-angers-government   [[SPOILER]]
and with Pride this weekend no less. There's going to be some serious partying in the streets
3 orders under that threshold and no duties yet IME
I wear a 42 in the vintage achilles v 43 for the regular ones but YMMV
how can they be used if the sale hasn't started?   here's mine: PRE-SALE-KMGIG
New Posts  All Forums: