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 I usually hate dubs (and I'm French) but I saw E&S this weekend in English and thought it worked v well. Now English-language version of Miyazaki flicks, on the other hand...
I'm a 30 in pretty much all brands (29 in most raw denim) and I sized up to 31 on these because of the waist so YMMV
as someone who lives in a warmer climate I appreciate the lighter weight, and they hold well through washes in my experience. If I had one quibble it would be that they could be slightly more tapered below the knee
 whoa, I found Connelly terrible in this. Some of her "emotional" scenes were super rough. Thought the movie had interesting bits, at least until they got to the Ark. For a studio movie it explored as much of the underlying themes as you'll find IMO. Then again I'm an unconditional fan of The Fountain so maybe I'm biased. And yeah, Enemy was interestingly confusing. Props to Jake G, and the drab cinematography. The Raid 2 just came out here. Kinda unnerved by the long...
Saturdays NYC sample sale Thur-Sun (4/10-13) Noon-8pm 168 Bowery St (@ Kenmare)
oooh snap, I realized last night the main character on Sillicon Valley basically dresses like me. OBCDs and grey hoodies forever (for ever ever). At least he doesn't rock CPs (I think)
colorways look dope, and I'm interested by the cotton-linen blending. Might order 1 (or 7) when they make their way to the US site
jeans definitely look too tight
I stocked up on pocket Ts last year so I'm good on the staples but I wouldn't mind a couple new colors
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