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great review, thanks
I ordered a pair this morning, hoping they are better than Uniqlo (and ideally attract less lint) as well
looks like some are taking "meet me outside Uniqlo" in a whole new direction http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jul/16/uniqlo-sex-video-film-shot-in-beijing-store-goes-viral-and-angers-government   [[SPOILER]]
and with Pride this weekend no less. There's going to be some serious partying in the streets
3 orders under that threshold and no duties yet IME
I wear a 42 in the vintage achilles v 43 for the regular ones but YMMV
how can they be used if the sale hasn't started?   here's mine: PRE-SALE-KMGIG
definitely a stupid price tho
very flimsy and do not drape well IMO. Also they seem to fit tighter than the skinny tapereds
chino shorts are decent quality but the inseam is quite long IIRC (10"?)
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