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a day like today calls for this kind of purchase
also most famers' markets have a knife-sharpening stand, at least IME 
 insta-cop, thanks (not sarcastic)
 are those the Marco chinos? I really like that cut, feels like a decent (and cheaper) alternative to Incotex chinos.
is this in-store too?
Going to LA in a few weeks, wanna book some places we haven't tried yet. Is Tar & Roses as good as the reviews say? Also looking at Hamasaku for their omakase and maybe Republique.
 I thought about it since and I do think it's probably a pain, and not that cheap to get done. Too bad because I've found my grail (read: extremely boring) black bomber sweatshirt. Guess I'm not just about that double-zipper life
 yeah but parkas at 70% off brah
how complicated would it be for a tailor to change out a zipper? Thinking about switching to a double-zipper on a sweatshirt. One-way zippers just don't make any sense...
you've never seen leather shoes crease before??
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