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I feel the OP's pain and am happy the search function picked up this thread. Shoes felt great when I was trying them on. After a day that included some brisk walking on the street, however, they started to burn my little toe in the same spot as the OP.   I usually wear a 12 D and Nordstrom sized me at a 11.5 D for the Park Aves. My guess is I needed a 11.5 E.
They had Fitzgeralds as well, which I ended up preferring. Had a large selection off sizes and styles, so I didn't feel rushed to make a buy. I may go back tomorrow.
I'm officially a GLUU fan. Made me a nice 12% in 1 day.
Is a new BB Golden Fleece Madison a good deal at $499?
I don't have a lot of confidence in their management, which is why they are not a long term hold IMO. I do think their mobile platform is much stronger than ZNGA though.   They are down 20% right now. IMO the market is overreacting.
I actually might pick it up whenever they hit bottom. I think they are being taken to the shed a bit too hard.
O how I hate Jefferies. I was hoping for a drop today. Should have bought yesterday, but I got greedy....
Yea I think that's where I'm at, pending my above post.   Great avatar btw. Saw it in IMAX last night. I wonder how many SF users would be put out on the ice?
If anyone can suggest some good ETFs to buy and hold, I would really appreciate it. I have never traded ETFs. Do you favor leveraged variants? Do you try and specifically target industries, commodities, particular emerging markets etc?   I'm starting up my BB M&A job on Monday, so my restricted list is a mile long. Plus I think trading in general is frowned upon.
If they get NCE I might hold because I think they will be a major target, unless they announce some kind of partnership with one of the big boys. I think they already rejected a bid from Pfizer at $22.   Now if they get FDA approval and the NCE decision is delayed, that's where it gets hairy for me .
New Posts  All Forums: