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Is the Zegna for Neimen Marcus the same quality as mainline Zegna?   I know the Sachs near me carries a lesser quality Zegna line, but they call it Z Zegna.
Im thinking about it purely from a numbers aspect.Pre offer, he is holding 20% of a failing retailer, with a market value of his stake about a billion. If he were to liquidate, he would get even less than that. At the 28 per share, he buys himself out for 1.8 billion and he has only committed to putting a billion back in.So, he walks away with 800mm cash and a billion in equity should he be able to turn it around. He gets to shit can the people who forced him out as a...
Everyone wants to party like it's 1999.   I really have to hand it to Best Buy's founder. If he gets this done, he is a hell of a businessman.
  I think it is a fantastic long term buy and hold opportunity. Hopefully they will get approval to raise the dividend soonish, which will be a huge positive when thinking long term. Also will make it less attractive to short, which is a popular hedge since BAC has served as a good proxy for the overall market.   I hope to hold it for multiple years and will likely add to it. That being said, I may dump equities as we approach the fiscal cliff. I think we will at least...
I picked up AMRN and BAC yesterday.   Secondary offering of ARR today for all you REIT guys.
Vs. a traditional IRA? Really depends on your age. The younger you are the better a roth is.
Just end of summer. Was also excited to learn that as a new Manhattan resident with an out of state ID I get an extra 10% off .   RLBL happened to be excluded though... 
I have avoided trading FB because I don't have a strong grasp on where it's going. You could say the same for Wall Street analysts, as price targets vary greatly.   I have argued that the stock is overvalued since prior to the IPO. However, growth tech stocks can take off and double in a few months with little regard for the stock's intrinsic value, so I don't really have the stones to short it.   Presently, don't forget about the expiring lock up periods coming up. If...
Stopped by Bloomingdales today. A lot of stuff 50% off. Picked up a couple of RLBL shirts for $83 a piece.
Check out the earnings call. Zuck indicated that FB was not interested in pursuing this.
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