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O how I hate Jefferies. I was hoping for a drop today. Should have bought yesterday, but I got greedy....
Yea I think that's where I'm at, pending my above post.   Great avatar btw. Saw it in IMAX last night. I wonder how many SF users would be put out on the ice?
If anyone can suggest some good ETFs to buy and hold, I would really appreciate it. I have never traded ETFs. Do you favor leveraged variants? Do you try and specifically target industries, commodities, particular emerging markets etc?   I'm starting up my BB M&A job on Monday, so my restricted list is a mile long. Plus I think trading in general is frowned upon.
If they get NCE I might hold because I think they will be a major target, unless they announce some kind of partnership with one of the big boys. I think they already rejected a bid from Pfizer at $22.   Now if they get FDA approval and the NCE decision is delayed, that's where it gets hairy for me .
Stocks often drop pre FDA announcement. I might pick it up Thursday morning.   Anyone know what time the FDA typically issues the press release with its decision?
You make a good point.   I wasn't complaining. Rather just seeking educated opinions. Regardless of the cause, real estate development fueled many Chinese domestic industries (construction, materials etc.) and the increase in tax revenues helped support large infrastructure projects. My point being that I do not think we can count on China to pull the global economy out of its current malaise. They won't land hard, but they won't spring back quickly either.
  Who wants to start up a Chinese Mezz fund?   In all seriousness though, how much of China's boom was fueled by real estate speculation? I don't see a quick return to higher growth figures unless the government loosens the new restrictions. Without this internal driver, their economy is more heavily dependent on the global economy as a whole.
I thought the market might over react to the revised Q1 losses and increased trading losses, despite strong earnings. I was going to pick it up at open but it had already jumped 3% pre open.   I don't know if the libor issues will cross the pond since the Fed knew about Barcap.
Thinking about trying to pick up JPM on the cheap after this news.
I've been doing some research and am thinking about getting a Maxwell Scott. As long as you get quality leather of good construction, it really comes down to personal preference (if you don't want to throw down for swaine adeney brigg).   Here's what I'm considering: http://www.maxwellscottbags.com/business/leather-briefcases/elegant-briefcase.html
New Posts  All Forums: