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I thought about this, but opted not to for a few reasons.   The iPhone 5 will be heavily subsidized by the carriers. You're making a pretty much industry wide play. Majority of new iPhones will be sold to existing subscribers who are currently on premium plans.   Think about picking a winner out of those three. Who stands to gain market share with this launch? Great opportunity for a pair trade imo.   It will come down to:   Who is best able to keep iPhones available and...
Aisle was easy to miss. It was very narrow and you basically had to climb over people.   I did see a Zegna sportcoat in there I liked, but it looked like someone ran it over with a truck a few times.   The Canali I saw was an unattractive brown pinstripe suit. I have never been one to rock a brown pinstripe.
Just in general, is he high end? I don't like blowing more than $150 or so at the tailor on a single suit. This is obviously contingent on how much work I need done, but it's usually pretty standard alterations.
What are Pierre's prices like?   I usually just get the sleeves shortened, waste taken in, pants hemmed and possibly tapered a bit.
Could you post the sizes? They might fit some of us. Stuff is easy to miss in there.
Barney's Warehouse Sale wasn't anything too special. Prices were in line with their end of summer sale and nothing I found I had to have. A lot of Barney's house brand stuff.   I'll head back in a couple weeks to see if anything I liked is still around for cheaper.
  For a beginning investor it's not a bad choice. Investing in Brk is akin to investing in a portfolio of diverse stocks. Don't forget about BAC . Glad we got in when we did.   I have my finger on the trigger to sell just about every equity I own. I really believe in the complete inability of Congress to reach a compromise until just before or after the deadline. I'm bullish on September though.
You sound like you work in a FIG group and are upset that PE funds don't recruit FIG analysts (unless youre at GS). If that's the case, or something similiar, try making the switch to.a different group within your bank and do a third year.
If she's really the one, take some of that 150k and fly her out for a weekend each month. While the expense will obviously add up, I would venture to guess it will not be greater than your loss in comp from switching industries. It will help hold you over until you find something.   As for your job situation, I would go tell your boss that you have decided that your career with the firm is more valuable to you than your relationship with this girl of yours and you...
Just reduces the amount of fabric that is folded in on itself.
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