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Exactly why it needs to be done by a professional. In my experience, you can shorten some jackets by an inch or so, but you need a tailor who knows where that fine line is.
I'm new to NYC and have yet to make it to a tailor, so I'm just getting a sense of prices. I have a backlog of 3 suits to be done, a couple pairs of pants and 2 sportcoats. That obviously adds up to quite a bit. There's a guy on my block I might try out, Apel's Custom Tailors. Seems like he did a decent job on a suit for one of my roomates. One of the suit jackets needs to be shortened though, which i'm not comfortable giving to just anyone. I would obviously prefer to...
Yes, I was at the warehouse sale. These suits seemed like they were the best value there. I ended up buying a couple.
I got one, but I paid $99 for it. The cashier was on her game. Still a great deal IMO.
Suits 40% off as of today. Anyone know if Piattelli is any good?
Can anyone comment on the quality of these suits? Feels like they are at least half canvassed.   They are made in Italy and I currently have a couple in hand that I'm considering purchasing. Price is $360 per suit plus tax. Seems like a good deal to me as long as they aren't fused.   Cheers.
Hermes Sample Sale:     WHEN: 9/5 (VIP only) 9/6 – 9/8; Th-F (9-7), Sat (9-6) WHERE: Soiffer Haskin 317 West 33rd Street If only I was a VIP by Hermes standards...
I thought about this, but opted not to for a few reasons.   The iPhone 5 will be heavily subsidized by the carriers. You're making a pretty much industry wide play. Majority of new iPhones will be sold to existing subscribers who are currently on premium plans.   Think about picking a winner out of those three. Who stands to gain market share with this launch? Great opportunity for a pair trade imo.   It will come down to:   Who is best able to keep iPhones available and...
Aisle was easy to miss. It was very narrow and you basically had to climb over people.   I did see a Zegna sportcoat in there I liked, but it looked like someone ran it over with a truck a few times.   The Canali I saw was an unattractive brown pinstripe suit. I have never been one to rock a brown pinstripe.
Just in general, is he high end? I don't like blowing more than $150 or so at the tailor on a single suit. This is obviously contingent on how much work I need done, but it's usually pretty standard alterations.
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