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Subscribing to this thread.   This is the year for my Reds (pending our gaping defensive whole in CF doesn't bite us in the ass too much).
Going to give Pierre of Paris a shot with a RLBL suit and a Caruso sportcoat.
If I worked for Citi I would be all over that ha
I dumped my shares at $10.45. Sold off a bit too early but I booked a nice 55% gain on last year's taxes. I think we will see a bit of a pull back in financials over the next month or so.   A few points on the Apple front:   A major chunk of that cash is held overseas, so to pay it out to shareholders they would have to repatriate it. If you are in the stock for the long-term, better to wait and hope for a repatriation holiday while they continue to pay out domestic...
Could you send me a few quotes when you have the chance?   Brown Neumora 11.5D Walnut Strand 11.5D Wide Walnut Belt   Thanks and Happy New Year.
Exactly why it needs to be done by a professional. In my experience, you can shorten some jackets by an inch or so, but you need a tailor who knows where that fine line is.
I'm new to NYC and have yet to make it to a tailor, so I'm just getting a sense of prices. I have a backlog of 3 suits to be done, a couple pairs of pants and 2 sportcoats. That obviously adds up to quite a bit. There's a guy on my block I might try out, Apel's Custom Tailors. Seems like he did a decent job on a suit for one of my roomates. One of the suit jackets needs to be shortened though, which i'm not comfortable giving to just anyone. I would obviously prefer to...
Yes, I was at the warehouse sale. These suits seemed like they were the best value there. I ended up buying a couple.
I got one, but I paid $99 for it. The cashier was on her game. Still a great deal IMO.
Suits 40% off as of today. Anyone know if Piattelli is any good?
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