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    Not a fan of the shawl collar personally, no matter how many times James Bond wears one.   Went to Century 21 today to get some socks. Took a look at what they had OTR. They had Canali, Zegna etc. for $1k, but I was surprised to see that they were all notch lapels.  Thinking custom is the way to go since buying these at full retail would be about the same price.
  Thanks for the advice. I'll ask around a bit and maybe swing by when I have some time.       I'm only 23, so I shy away from anything double breasted at this stage in life. Also dress on the conservative side.   Probably a little wishful thinking (although I do have a lot of weddings to attend in the years to come). Bottom line is I would rather spend some extra money now than feel compelled to go buy something else in a couple years because I skimped out on quality....
I have to get my first tux for an upcoming formal event (2 months out). I really don't want to rent something, as I want to look like I belong there. I'm of the view that since I really only need 1 tux for the foreseeable future, my first one should be a nice one that I am happy with for a long time. I have a good sense of the style I want (peak lapel, side vents), so I am looking for some advice on going shopping.     Budget: $1k - $2k Location: NYC   Do the...
  I am very much against moving him into the starting rotation. As a lock-down closer, you have the opportunity to impact a lot more games than as a starter. His pitching style is more conducive to a closer as well. He only really has two pitches and certainly has issues with control. My fear is that the 2nd or 3rd trip through the order he is much more hittable.   Think whether or not he stays in the starting rotation has a lot to do with how Homer Bailey does as well....
Agree that shorting bonds will make money in the future. Plan to do it eventually, but want to see some more momentum before entering a position.   The typical investor cannot duplicate Warren Buffet's investment style.   Market is looking overbought to me. Think it is high time to shave some positions and take some profits.
Subscribing to this thread.   This is the year for my Reds (pending our gaping defensive whole in CF doesn't bite us in the ass too much).
Going to give Pierre of Paris a shot with a RLBL suit and a Caruso sportcoat.
If I worked for Citi I would be all over that ha
I dumped my shares at $10.45. Sold off a bit too early but I booked a nice 55% gain on last year's taxes. I think we will see a bit of a pull back in financials over the next month or so.   A few points on the Apple front:   A major chunk of that cash is held overseas, so to pay it out to shareholders they would have to repatriate it. If you are in the stock for the long-term, better to wait and hope for a repatriation holiday while they continue to pay out domestic...
Could you send me a few quotes when you have the chance?   Brown Neumora 11.5D Walnut Strand 11.5D Wide Walnut Belt   Thanks and Happy New Year.
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