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I won't be drafting him
Wish this was a 42L. Nice jacket.
I really believe that it's a matter of time. Nothing wrong with rotating a portion of the portfolio into some defensive positions.   How do people feel about gold? I'm tempted to buy some long dated futures.
Better off spending a bit more and getting a Hamilton.
  From what I've read about Ercole is that they tend to err on the traditional side of styling, especially on a first commission. Have you found that to be the case?   Especially with a tux I want to go more contemporary (higher armholes etc.)
  Certainly looks sharp. Think a first tux should be traditional black tie though, so I would err on the side of peak lapels.   Isn't a notch lapel tux considered less formal?
Yankees are in trouble. No doubt about it. If it was the middle of the season I might argue that Cano could carry them for awhile, but starting like this out of the gate is difficult to do.   The upside is that it should be easier to get tickets to the company box 
  I'm still very torn on Baker. He is not well liked in Cincy, despite the recent success. I'm still pissed about how he managed our starting pitching in the series against the Giants last season  in the NLDS. Much more credit (and deservedly so) goes to Walk Jockety and ownership for making some moves and being willing to spend some money.   Dusty is a players manager, not a game manager. He is at his best motivating players behind closed doors and we really don't get to...
    Not a fan of the shawl collar personally, no matter how many times James Bond wears one.   Went to Century 21 today to get some socks. Took a look at what they had OTR. They had Canali, Zegna etc. for $1k, but I was surprised to see that they were all notch lapels.  Thinking custom is the way to go since buying these at full retail would be about the same price.
  Thanks for the advice. I'll ask around a bit and maybe swing by when I have some time.       I'm only 23, so I shy away from anything double breasted at this stage in life. Also dress on the conservative side.   Probably a little wishful thinking (although I do have a lot of weddings to attend in the years to come). Bottom line is I would rather spend some extra money now than feel compelled to go buy something else in a couple years because I skimped out on quality....
New Posts  All Forums: