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Thank you kindly. Will shoot a message along to Papa as I'm looking for something for the office wardrobe.
Saw a few posts about a museum calf mto when looking into Meermin. Been wanting to give them a shot.   Is there another order going out as well (besides the museum calf)?
Is there still room on this group order bandwagon?
Picked up 3 SCs, a raincoat, a shirt and a pair of chinos this morning. Everything was 85% off.
Any Memorial Day sales for those of us who arent in the Hamptons?
Very happy Lohse landed. I picked him up with my last pick in the draft.   I have a very NL Central heavy squad.
Does the PE shop still hold the GP interest?
I won't be drafting him
Wish this was a 42L. Nice jacket.
I really believe that it's a matter of time. Nothing wrong with rotating a portion of the portfolio into some defensive positions.   How do people feel about gold? I'm tempted to buy some long dated futures.
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