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 Thanks guys - I'll go ahead and give them a shot. Certainly worth a try at that price
Any thoughts on their Kenwood loafer?   On clearance on their website for $117   http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF44043_1_40000000001_-1
Awesome - saves me a long ride on the D train.   Approx what is the Tux running you if you don't mind? I've never done anything bespoke before, so I'm tempted to squeeze a suit or jacket in first if I can to up the probability that the tux comes out right.
Any feedback on their bespoke tuxedos / formal wear?   I've hit the age where I need my first one and I would rather spend the money now and get something I'm happy with for years to come.   Also, any difference in quality of experience in the Brooklyn vs. Manhattan shop?
How much would shipping be to the US?
Allen Edmonds stores will match the Nordstrom sale prices if anyone is in the market for shoes   Picked up a pair of Strands for $225 + tax
Not sure if it has been raised previously, but AE stores match the Nordstrom sale price.
Does Isaia increase the discount as the sale progresses?
Agreed. Will be getting it dry cleaned first. Just a curious issue I never really thought about.   Also a little impatient because I really want it back for 4th of July weekend 
Points well taken.   Would you say that (per your example) J&J would shrink the jacket? To clarify, I was wondering if linen jackets will always shrink at the dry cleaner, or just if taken to a Zips type establishment.
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