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 For anyone who doesn't exactly know what they are doing, please do not go out and write a bunch of options. Writing covered calls can be a great method to generate some additional income, but the key word is covered. I'm not as inclined to write covered calls right now given that vol is still so cheap
 Stay long and take out your anger in the sack
If we don't rebound tomorrow I'm shifting out of some of my more risky positions. I do not like that we are selling off on the back of a strong earnings season.   The market has been more or less insulated from geopolitical / macro events up until now. I'm worried short term.
Picked up PBF Energy at open this morning
I like to keep these things all to myself  It's at 225 5th Ave (btw 26 - 27th)
Isaia sample sale June 17th - 20th
Anyone have experience going long the VIX? I'm sitting here watching it come back down and with it so cheap, I want to pick up some protection.   Are ETNs the way to go here (VXZ)? I assume they bleed money since they just continually roll futures?
I'll probably cut my stake in half here soon, but I was fortunate to get in when it was in the low 400's. Told myself I was going to dump it all post split, but the heavy call option volume has made me inclined to hold it for a bit. Don't forget the ~3% dividend you've been getting. I picked up JPM, ZU & DSW about a week ago
1st day was 65% off blue label and all the pants / shirts, 70% off purple and black sc, outerwear and suits. I chatted with a few of the sales associates and they said the amount of inventory this year was just very low in general, especially on the high end stuff. There was some purple label outerwear and the typical knits, sweaters, short sleeve polo shirts etc. I did see a staple blue purple label suit in 44R that was very nice, but did not look at any larger sizes....
Pretty disappointed by the Polo sale. Just about all the Purple label was gone by the time I got there this afternoon.
New Posts  All Forums: