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745pm flight out that night    Could I sneak in a bit early?
 Fog has been terrible lately. It's like I'm in that sh*tty Mist movie Not staying a single weekend in August
This thread gave me a good laugh (at my own expense). Lefty's initial observations are dead on. I try to take comfort in the fact that Vegas and LA are short flights   I hide in the Marina and don't come out except to go to work in Menlo Park   Moved from NYC to SF last November. RIP
Just moved to the West Coast after years of crushing NYC sample sales. I imagine they exist out here, but perhaps not in the same quantity / quality. I'm in San Francisco, but am always up for an excuse for a trip down to LA.   Is there a good site to track them / receive alerts on men's sales? Is it even worth the time?   Thanks for helping me save a few bucks. They will go straight to the tax man.
Any deals running currently? I never got around to ordering on Black Friday after failing to get some friends to split a $1000 gift card with me...
For jackets, do you generally just send them a picture to give them a starting point?   I've bought about 10 shirts from them now and have been very happy with the results thus far, but ordering a custom jacket online is a much more complex endeavor.
Does the Shoebank still run 2 for $250 sales? Used to get these a couple times a year, but it's been the longest time since I've seen an email for one
Has order processing time slowed considerably for these guys? I placed an order on Feb 5th and haven't heard anything from them...
  The guy makes suits for a few of my bosses, which is how I ended up with a free thousand to go see him. They are happy with the fit / service, I just trust this forum a lot more regarding quality of construction feedback. Seems to communicate more through email, as I have his contact info through that.
If anyone has any experience with this tailor, I would love to get some feedback on how your commission turned out (style, quality, etc.).   I know that Despos is the Styleforum be all end all of Chicago tailors, but I happened to be the recipient of a sizeable certificate for this particular tailor. I'm deciding whether I should put that towards a handful of shirts, or go for a pricier item and kick in some money.   Thanks
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