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Just moved to the West Coast after years of crushing NYC sample sales. I imagine they exist out here, but perhaps not in the same quantity / quality. I'm in San Francisco, but am always up for an excuse for a trip down to LA.   Is there a good site to track them / receive alerts on men's sales? Is it even worth the time?   Thanks for helping me save a few bucks. They will go straight to the tax man.
Any deals running currently? I never got around to ordering on Black Friday after failing to get some friends to split a $1000 gift card with me...
For jackets, do you generally just send them a picture to give them a starting point?   I've bought about 10 shirts from them now and have been very happy with the results thus far, but ordering a custom jacket online is a much more complex endeavor.
Does the Shoebank still run 2 for $250 sales? Used to get these a couple times a year, but it's been the longest time since I've seen an email for one
Has order processing time slowed considerably for these guys? I placed an order on Feb 5th and haven't heard anything from them...
  The guy makes suits for a few of my bosses, which is how I ended up with a free thousand to go see him. They are happy with the fit / service, I just trust this forum a lot more regarding quality of construction feedback. Seems to communicate more through email, as I have his contact info through that.
If anyone has any experience with this tailor, I would love to get some feedback on how your commission turned out (style, quality, etc.).   I know that Despos is the Styleforum be all end all of Chicago tailors, but I happened to be the recipient of a sizeable certificate for this particular tailor. I'm deciding whether I should put that towards a handful of shirts, or go for a pricier item and kick in some money.   OliverRowanBespoke.com   Thanks
 I'm 25. Bought my 1st stock when I was in 5th grade with paper route money. Curse you Dell! I have a high risk tolerance, but recognize the benefit of long term yield plays given my age.
Is CG a guilty pleasure of this board? I'm usually not one to go for any brand that puts a giant patch on the arm, but am struggling to find another brand that is as warm and doesn't look baggy.   Would probably buy the chateau
 I just turned 25. Most of my friends opt not to contribute to their 401k either because they are paying down student loans or spend every $ they make. There's a real emphasis on experiences over physical assets.
New Posts  All Forums: