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  I just rub it with some bleach and the thing starts turning gray and slowly becoming cream-ish color, if i kept doing it it'll probably turn white..:D
Trying to do a patina on some crappy loafers...the outcome also kinda crappy 
the polo's pretty cool
Mine actually comes out the box pretty comfortable...
Been eye-balling the IR for some times, but decided to jump on this instead..             anyone owning this pair? 
or a baseball bat?
you can wear a nice wool or anykind of thick woven socks, it works for me..
Denim Sneaker from Diesel...for about $78   should I get it? Been looking for sneakers, .. any other suggestion?
lol this is good thread..   But every company that ever sells anything wants their products to sell...if you want the unique exclusivity, you just need to jump from brand to brand..
Hi' did any of you guys know where I can get the Mr.B's for ALDO collection, beside the ALDO website though, I live in Singapore, so yeah I need International shipping, it's pretty hard for me to get shoes here as my feet are larger than most asians ....   Thanks before...
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