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voxsartoria - I just love the green in the second picture. I own a green tie, and I've been looking for excuses to wear it. I might see how it works with the jacket.
You know, I posted a thread asking this exactly question a few days ago, and got no responses. I own a tan sport coat (lighter than that one), and I've been pairing it with brown slacks, a white shirt, and a red, striped tie. I'd like a few more options, but I really can't think of anything else that would look good with it.
As the thread title suggests, I am currently searching for some ties and pants to complement the sport coats that I currently own, and I have two questions. 1. I currently own a tan sport coat, and I've been having trouble finding a tie that goes well with it. The only one I own that currently complements it is a muted, red, striped tie. I'd like to add a few more colors if I can, but even most shades of red look too severe against the jacket. I don't have a picture of...
Quote: Originally Posted by el Guapo WOngO! From last week & the archives: May I ask where you bought that jacket?
I've ordered a number of shirts and jackets from them, and I've had no problems unrelated to my own errors in measurement.
I like the style, but the fabric makes him look like he was painting a fence with his suit on.
I passed by a traffic accident a few years ago. The driver was hanging out of the door and had been decapitated. I win. I'll take my prize now.
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This could work. First, get yourself a snakeskin tie...
Quote: Originally Posted by Countertenor ...and classical musicians... Awesome. I play classical and jazz. Take that, haters. *puts on black pants*
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