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Some of these shirts have been taken in 1" or so at the side seams. Measurements pictured and noted where altered. PayPal only, shipping included in USA. Barba: 1. NWT Dandylife 17/43, khaki color: $45 2. Altered 17/43 White label-classic fit white shirt, (sides taken in 2" per side, material still there to undo): $55 3. Dandylife 17/43, green washed canvas: $40 Tintoria Mattei 954: 1. NWT Navy blue patterned. 17/43 slim: $45 2. Blue checked...
Worn 2-3x. Excellent condition they're just too small. I wear 13 AE shoes and was hoping these ran big like typical boot sizing. Trees not included. Shipping included in US.
BB Makers 100% wool. I had these tapered to mirror an EP Walt leg (8" leg opening).High rise. Very nice pants I just don't get use out of them. See pics for measurements. Mint condition.
Luxire, Either way this all reflects poorly on your company. Take the high road. Do not get into public internet arguments with customers. Can only end badly for you. Confidence in a business is a fickle thing...
Thinking rationally? LOL, ok man, take a chill pill, it's just a sports coat. Just trying to help out those shopping around.
Ya the shoulders fit fine, normal 46us size, just the armholes are way low. Both were recent, new 1911 purchases. Unlined, soft shoulder, patch pockets...very modern cuts...except horrible arm holes. I see LBM 1911 mentioned alongside Boglioli frequently but the armhole cuts are very different. YMMV
Just a PSA, I've purchased and returned two LBM 1911 sport coats in the last couple months. It seems they have very low arm holes, which was a bit surprising for an Italian brand. I own several Boglioli coats, Corneliani, Lardini, Battistoni, etc. and LBM's arm holes are much bigger/lower. See pic. FYI
Question: does EP offer Rivets in Desert Tan in the normal 8oz or only in the 10oz heavy canvas?
Fellow Epaulet fans, I got too many EP gift cards for XMAS! I know..how can a man have too much..but alas my closet is over full. I have a $200 gift card I will sell for $190 PayPal. First come first serve
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