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 Thanks for the recommendation, guys! And sorry for the very late reply. I ended up going to Union Works in Ginza. They have a very nice shop in one of the side-streets of Ginza. Since the time I posted my original message, I've brought several shoes to UW for various sole-related repairs, etc. (I even had some of my shoes shined). Below's a pic of the latest pair I took there. I just had the toe taps installed. I'm quite happy with the quality of their work, although I...
 Great! Another vote for Union Works. I'll let you know how it goes after I've visited them. And yes, I've seen those cobblers in big department stores but I've never really tried them before. Adesso looks good, and slightly cheaper, but the distance (while lugging several pairs of leather shoes) would probably offset any savings vis-a-vis Union Works.
 Thank you. I checked the Union Works website and the prices are somewhat reasonable (assuming the quality is good). Plus, it's really close to my office. Will try to drop by this week and sample their work on an old pair.
The information is probably buried somewhere in this 250-page thread, but would anyone have a recommendation for a good quality cobbler in Tokyo? Preferably in Marunouchi/Ginza area?   I recently acquired a few new pairs, so I'd like to install rubber half soles/taps on them. I also have some old pairs that need re-heeling. I have heard of Brass Tokyo before, but they're a bit far and the prices on their website are a little discouraging (to be fair, the website prices...
  Thanks for this, Munky. It confirms my recent experience with Lexol, which is that it leaves the shoes a bit sticky. I also don't intend to use it as part of my regular maintenance regimen (unless I'm reviving some really old pairs) since the stickiness tends to attract a lot of dust. I've notice that Reno is less sticky, so I might use that instead for my not so beat up pairs.
PSA: JAB trees now at $8.50 a pair (they were still 50% off yesterday). I'm starting to run out of shoes to put them in, so I got several pairs for my brothers instead. 
 Where in Kobe is it located?
 Thanks for this. Very helpful (even if we don't really know the difference between them)!
PB, what's the difference?
Received these GATs today. They're beautiful! Thanks, Zeemon!  
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