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  Thanks for this, Munky. It confirms my recent experience with Lexol, which is that it leaves the shoes a bit sticky. I also don't intend to use it as part of my regular maintenance regimen (unless I'm reviving some really old pairs) since the stickiness tends to attract a lot of dust. I've notice that Reno is less sticky, so I might use that instead for my not so beat up pairs.
PSA: JAB trees now at $8.50 a pair (they were still 50% off yesterday). I'm starting to run out of shoes to put them in, so I got several pairs for my brothers instead. 
 Where in Kobe is it located?
 Thanks for this. Very helpful (even if we don't really know the difference between them)!
PB, what's the difference?
Received these GATs today. They're beautiful! Thanks, Zeemon!  
 Thanks, PB. Ordering the Lexol now. You're right! Lexol is just more readily available (and cheap too!). I get what you mean about the frequency of application. Will observe it's effect on my shoes and will just go from there.
 Thanks, SWRT. That's also partly the reason for my question. If it's something that I'll be using often enough, I might just order the 1 liter container -- just need to add a few bucks!
^^Thanks, PB. I believe I'll be able to get Lexol online as well as the other creams/waxes.   Just a follow-up question: How often do you use Lexol on your shoes? Is it something that you're supposed to use regularly or only when you're trying to revive really dry leather?
This is a 10-year old pair and is currently the oldest shoe that I have in my rotation. It was in storage for several years before I decided to take it out and start using it again. I've noticed that the leather has become very dry (esp. in the areas where there's a lot of creasing). I've applied several coats of leather lotion (Bally, Ecco) and although it helped a bit, the leather still looks dry. I am worried that the leather might eventually crack if I don't do...
New Posts  All Forums: