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This blue grain leather looks amazing http://m.ebay.ca/itm/Trickers-size-6-1-2-Blue-grained-Richard-Derby-Brogue-shoe-commando-sole-/311474500674?nav=SEARCH Anyone interested in richard/allen/stow variation?
Anyone interested in gtmo on lolipop red Richard or a different style boot?
Thanks both, my bad, missed yr earlier posts. Good to see it coming to realization.
Looks like we are gaining momentum on Whiskey Harlech, @Papa Doble , I think its high time to publish the list of participants and boot details some pics in the same post will be nice to entice some fencers.
With Greek election results, £€ are falling sharply, this the rights time put this order in, we should be able to save in 100-200 range over next few days.....:cmon folks 7 more
Storm welt is practical for unfortunate situations of stepping in puddle or rain, but also look good on boots, I will recommend to have it
Wow thx for pics Mike, those dbl monks are amazing. Is there any difference in leather thickness b.w Alden n CJ boots? Mind sharing boot size difference b.w Alden n CJ, assuming former is on barrie last?
Personally I am not a fan of hooks on a dress boot and blind eyelets look amazing, but I will run with majority, instead of getting in back n forth now lets get other 7 then finalize details
Whiskey Shell Harlech......I am all in, I would prefer dbl leather soul cauz I wont be wearing them in rain anyway however thats not a deal breaker.......but no hooks plz all eyelets
Everytime i see lolipop boot i curse myself for not buying them when they were readily available......anyone up for gmto ....... Same makeup as in this pic ....open to changes
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