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I swore off this forum beginning of last year, was trying to kill time at doctors office and decided to browse through SF, ended up buying this in burgundy still available at sale price.DAMN YOU SF, but the boot looks awesome & couldnt resist it.
End is having sale on bunch of Trickers commando in range of sizes 345 usd + 12 shipping, snapped chestnut captoes.
Lol... always read the footnotes, just found out:   PLEASE NOTE:  - THESE BOOTS ARE AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW AND WILL SHIP EARLY OCTOBER  - WE ASK FOR A 50% DEPOSIT NOW AND 50% TO BE PAYED ONCE READY TO SHIP  - USE THE CODE: TRICKERSPREORDER AT CHECKOUT. ONLY DEPOSIT WILL BE CHARGED   Cipresson at 1/2 price, only size 8 left.   Cipresso at 1/2 price, just snagged one. Only size 8 left.  
This blue grain leather looks amazing Anyone interested in richard/allen/stow variation?
Anyone interested in gtmo on lolipop red Richard or a different style boot?
Thanks both, my bad, missed yr earlier posts. Good to see it coming to realization.
Looks like we are gaining momentum on Whiskey Harlech, @Papa Doble , I think its high time to publish the list of participants and boot details some pics in the same post will be nice to entice some fencers.
With Greek election results, £€ are falling sharply, this the rights time put this order in, we should be able to save in 100-200 range over next few days.....:cmon folks 7 more
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