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Can't believe I missed this gmto; I am in if there is another Harlech whiskey cordovan gmto.
Finally got time to load the pics.... Is teak cord allan getting made? I may jump on that
Just got an email from Richard, burgundy kelmscott have finally arrived. Thx for everyone participating in this MTO.
I hope 4497 last is not the issue, I am ok with 4444 too, what happened to all the interest for burgundy sctoch grain from few weeks ago? Lets get this made.
[[SPOILER]]  I am all in with your original proposal, but will prefer 4497 last on width 5.
I have had my heart on burgundy scotch grain MTO posted earlier, but I am definitely interested in cotto cord too At this point I am on fence, but may I suggest natural welt with dainite sole, have a look at this http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=3523 and imagine it with cotto cord shell  This appears to be on 2298 last based on http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=3150 It will also look killer on Burford too with natural welt, some pics from...
 Besides that excess ripple, everything else is fine, I am taking quite a bit of liking to these boots, even with imperfections. Little bit of rippling is ok, but I find it a bit too pronounced on mine, even with the extra width of 4444, leather should shape up to contours of the last not as rippled. Others havent noticed it, so looks like just you and I are affected. Do post some pics.
Thanks for your responses, I am glad that thin leather is normal in Acorn boots. I have emailed Richard at SH, he has been kind enough to fwd my concerns to Tricker's, at this point I am awaiting their response. I will recommend to email Richard as well with pics.
Hi Folks,   I got acron captoe MTO few days ago. I have few concerns about the boot mfg, may be its in my head and would like some opinions.   The boots have leather layer around arches, and when wear it I can feel the excess leather layer squished under my foot and its not a great feeling, look at the pic below in circled section, it looks like leather was not taken in properly before welting, and this is on both sides, is this normal of 4444 last or anyone also got...
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