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I'd love to get in on this as well. Hopefully there will be a 34w 34l for me.
Thank you, sir!
I'm sure this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't find it. What is the best reasonably priced belt (
  I picked up this exact set!   I got the McTavishes at Nordstrom last week, and went back for the Strands today.    I ended up getting the Strands 1/2 size smaller than the McTavish.  They are touch snug width-wise, but the SA said they'd give a bit.   
Thank you for both the Narragansett and Torino suggestions.  Now I have some decisions to make (luckily I need both a brown and a black belt)!
I'm resurrecting this thread a bit, but does anyone know what the minimum order is if I visit the Costa Mesa office / go to a local fitting?   Thanks!
I have a quick one:   grey dress shirt black shoes (AE McTavish, nothing TOO dressy)   My question is:   The best color dress pants are ________?
I am also interested in a response to this.   I plan on getting the blue Neumoks as well, and I'll be wearing them with chinos or jeans.   The belt color is a good question, as I don't have a blue belt.  :)     I would probably just wear a brown belt with them when wearing chinos, or is that completely horrible?    What say you, blue Neumok wearers?
Nice deal!   I grabbed 3 sets of trees at the Nordstrom anniversary sale, but at $15/per.   :(
I'm resurrecting this thread a bit, but if the OP is still in the market for Allen Edmonds, be sure to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  It is going on right now if you are a Nordstrom card holder (I picked up a pair of black McTavishes that are regularly $295, but were marked down to $197).   If you aren't a Nordstrom card holder, you can buy them beginning July 20th.   Page 76 is where...
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