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Norse Projects Gunnar Corn Print Shirt from S/S 2012. Great condition, been worn maybe a dozen times. No stains, tearing, nothing like that. 9/10 condition. Doesn't fit with my wardrobe, it's just been sitting in my closet since last winter.   Want 125USD + shipping
Norse Projects Martin Multi Raglan Knit from 2011. Worn a few times, minimal pilling. Always folded, never hung. 9/10 condition.   Looking for 150USD + shipping. Please only contact if you are paypal ready.   Have rep on sufu and ebay if you need it.
Band of Outsiders Colored Stitch Placket Button Down - 309.27USD OBO (includes shipping and paypal fee)   Measurements (approximate, taken while the garment was laid flat) shoulder to shoulder: 16" Chest: 18" Sleeve: 24" from shoulder seam   This shirt was $340 new from Barneys, but sadly it doesn't fit my shoulders as well as I would like. Taking a loss here!   Worn once, to try on. Substantial and incredibly soft brushed cotton. Feels like wearing a...
Norse Projects x Oi Polloi 100% Virgin Wool Sweater, YMC (You Must Create) 100% Lambswool Sweater - 103.30USD each shipped (includes paypal fee), 185.68 for both shipped (Includes paypal fee).    Measurements taken laid flat.   Norse Projects x Oi Polloi was 100GBP new. Brown with white. Measurements for Norse Projects (in inches): P2P: 20 Back: 25.5 Arm: 19.0 Shoulders: 15.5   YMC Knit was around 150GBP new, if I recall correctly. Navy with...
Shipped to here straight from Germany. These are too small for me, i only wore them a couple times. Great shoes. Paid 90 shipped, looking for 65 + shipping.   Pics will be up tomorrow.
Red Wing Iron Ranger from the Heritage collection. Bought from nordstroms.   Been worn a handful of times, includes Red Wing boot oil as well. Still in pretty good condition.   I wear a 9.5 in most shoes, these are just a bit too snug for my tastes (i have slightly wide feet.)   Pics will be up tomorrow, it's pretty late right now.
Your true waist is just right above your navel.  But if you're buying pants, you just measure where they usually sit. Then it goes into vanity sizing. Like with Naked and Famous denim, you would measure where you like your pants to sit, then look up which size to buy. For example, I'm a true 32" waist, so I should usually buy size 30 waist jeans. I wear weirdguys though so I go two sizes down. What I've found is that your jean size is usually 2" down from your true waist,...
nah m8, he said, "trading on the internet seems pretty sketch" lol.   @Skwalihd: It's your preference. If your top is slim, I'd go for slim bottom, vice versa.
  Not from here, but his ebay has pos feedback. But I'm just worried if I send it and he doesn't send his stuff I'll be SOL. And what do you mean paypal?
How do you trade with someone securely? I'm pretty scared I'm gonna get screwed (over pretty expensive stuff)- so how do I prevent this?
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