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No offense taken. Not an old man. I'll def try it on though, Nordstroms is easy returns and free shipping.
Is this item too casual to be paired with white/stone/light colored slacks due to its material?   It was 60% off so seems like a good deal. I don't own a Navy Sports coat and have been looking for quite some time. 1,045 to $415  
In for 30ml. PM sent.  
  Seems as the Temple of Jawns jacket is a bit longer in the sleeves and doesn't have that mid pocket. Wonder how their light brown compares..
I was am interested in something like the picture below. Any ideas?      
Will take 10ml. PM sent.
I recently ordered this, but they emailed me back saying it was out of stock and won't be coming back in stock in a size 30. Can someone recommend a similar type of belt?     Or something like this?   I already have a natural tanner standard belt, I wanted something a little...
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