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By the way, kudos to the customer service at Epaulet. An item I had bought a week previously went on sale. I emailed Epaulet and they credited me the difference.  
It looks like Alternative Apparel.
Are the rivet moss duck a different color than the Slim Walt Regiment Twill Trouser Moss Trousers? On the pictures on the website the rivet looks much darker.   Thanks.
Ending in 3 hours: NWT Levi's 1967 505 Distressed Slim-Fit Selvedge Jeans 28x32  
    diggin the jacket, who makes that?
Additional 25% off Ralph Lauren Sale Items again. RLSUM25
sold to me
  Returned this FYI. The fit was actually pretty nice sans arms. I don't think it's old man at all. I have muscular arms so it didn't work out too well. I'm going to try out the JCrew Ludlow piece since it's more than 40% off right now and see if that works. I'd like the Epaulet NY one but that is the priciest option.
Received mine yesterday! Thanks! About 2.5 weeks total.  
How do these fit for someone with athletic, muscular legs?  
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