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                Proper crease... on the 9.5D's, the crease is on the line of the broguing.
  Ahh I know what you mean.  I was speaking in reference to the crease from the ball of your foot only.  I know what you are talking about, however if your shoe is properly fitted, and the crease across the vamp looks good, having half to a full inch of room in the toebox isn't as much a concern as having the ball of your foot where it belongs on the shoe.
  Huh?  I think you have it backwards.   My 9.5D strands crease right at the brogueing at the cap, which I'm not to happy about but it isn't that bad. My other 10D strands crease right in the middle of the vamp... which is perfect.
  For what its worth, i base the fit of my shoes off of where the crease lays in my step.  If it is too close to the toe box, I'll go up a half size.  I have learned that different shoes have different toe boxes, so whether you have a half inch or a full inch, its more important that the shoe is bending where it is designed to bend. 
  I would always go up in width if I was stuck between two, simply because of the fact that your feet do swell throughout the day, so that extra room will always be put to good use. 
  I prefer the leather soles but if they are going to see water on a somewhat consistent basis, go with a topy or have AE do it with the options they offer now.   As for the fit, 10.5D to 10.5E may not sound like a lot, but it is pretty wider.  If the 10.5D is a tad tight, or tight enough to know you are going to be in discomfort, I would actually try on a few sizes to see what works best.    Depending on how long your foot is, an 11D might work better for you without...
  I thought I made myself very clear.  I will wait until the sun comes out lol   And no, its not the leaves... i hate the fall actually.  Its just the fact that its an awesome picture, and the american flag in the background is unique and pretty sweet as well, considering these are made in the USA.
  Although I am fairly new here, this pic is nostalgic lol.  Idk why, it just is, its one of those pics I'll never forget.   God help you if you take an updated pic that isn't on a sunny day, outside, in front of an American flag lol.
  I'm wearing the merlot McCallisters right now.  You should be jealous haha
  Deep red, cranberry, maroon, burgundy, etc... I would wear all day long.  Red, as in... the scuderia red on the website, is not something i could see doing for work.  Hell, I even got a few wears out of the two holiday laces, the red/white and the red/green.  Lol the red and green laces with my cordovan strands looked unreal!  But back on topic, red laces are on my blue neumoks.  For what its worth, I rarely wear the color red, and when I do, its usually a t-shirt.  I...
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