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  My bourbons strands came with the new heel, and my recrafted walnut strands.    You know what I did notice.... see the little pattern/design along the inside perimeter of the stitching?  My recrafted strands didn't come with that, they are completely flat, no design.  Hmmm...
  What size and color are those McGraws?  pics?
    I love them, however I do wish the stitching and the suede matched closer, preferably lighten the suede a tad, they look black almost.  Honestly I like the purple better, however the navy is much more practical.  I will ahve a pair at some point before the summer.     I can't stand when people (and companies, not you lol) use the word cordovan to describe the color.  Its burgundy, or merlot per AE. 
Get orange laces for the Bourbon strands, you will not be disappointed.
  You most certainly are an asshole, but i'm ok with that as well.  Correction, I have a brush per color.  My "brown" brush covers brown, dark brown, and bourbon as well.  My walnut brush covers obviously my walnut strands, and another lighter pair of chukkas i have.  I have a burgundy brush, and then a black one.  Works out perfect for me.  The cordovan brushes are strictly for the hell of it.  When I bought my first (and only) pair, i wanted everything brand new with...
if you use a q-tip or even cut one in half, that fits perfect in the larger brogueing. 
Having a $7 brush per color is overkill?  How about having 30+ pairs of shoes?  What do you call that?
  I would suggest you use nothing but horsehair, of course unless you have a soft cotton or microfiber clothe.  It didn't take long to get in the habit of buying the following every time you get a pair of shoes.   1 horsehair brush per leather type for cleaning the dirt off.  So, i have a "dirty" brush for my calf shoes, and for my cordovan.  I'm sure the cordovan isn't necessary, i'm just ocd with my only pair of shell.  I also have a "clean" brush for pretty much every...
  I paid $199 each for a pair of shell cordovan McAllisters and McGraws at the Rack.  $400 for $1200 worth of sales errrr shoes.  Yes please.  Will inquire in the near future to see what their inventory has now :)
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