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Get orange laces for the Bourbon strands, you will not be disappointed.
  You most certainly are an asshole, but i'm ok with that as well.  Correction, I have a brush per color.  My "brown" brush covers brown, dark brown, and bourbon as well.  My walnut brush covers obviously my walnut strands, and another lighter pair of chukkas i have.  I have a burgundy brush, and then a black one.  Works out perfect for me.  The cordovan brushes are strictly for the hell of it.  When I bought my first (and only) pair, i wanted everything brand new with...
if you use a q-tip or even cut one in half, that fits perfect in the larger brogueing. 
Having a $7 brush per color is overkill?  How about having 30+ pairs of shoes?  What do you call that?
  I would suggest you use nothing but horsehair, of course unless you have a soft cotton or microfiber clothe.  It didn't take long to get in the habit of buying the following every time you get a pair of shoes.   1 horsehair brush per leather type for cleaning the dirt off.  So, i have a "dirty" brush for my calf shoes, and for my cordovan.  I'm sure the cordovan isn't necessary, i'm just ocd with my only pair of shell.  I also have a "clean" brush for pretty much every...
  I paid $199 each for a pair of shell cordovan McAllisters and McGraws at the Rack.  $400 for $1200 worth of sales errrr shoes.  Yes please.  Will inquire in the near future to see what their inventory has now :)
  Someone posted these a few months ago, and surprisingly enough, they looked pretty good with a mustard-like colored pant.  Obviously this is for casual wear, but they looked good.   Navy as well, but that was already posted. 
  If you want a more "informal" look, you will want to go with a blucher instead of a balmoral, "technically" speaking.   Also, it is my understanding that the Clifton can be found at any local Nordstroms.  I just checked their website, its on there.  If that doesn't work, take a look at the website, there are plenty of partially casual bluchers they offer.   I liked the Sanford when it was out, but I think it is a discontinued model now.
  Agreed, however I don't think he even responded to any of the posts/responses yet, has he? lol   Regardless, to answer his question.  I love putting my shoes on in the morning.  I take pride in the way I look, and I love the way AEs finish off the look for me.   It might sound a little "over the top" but I like the fact that I can tie up a beautiful pair of American, well made, unique shoes that aren't only sophisticated, but also EXTREMELY comfortable.   Also, even...
  lol.. you took my post seriously didn't you?  ahhh a true gentlemen has no sense of humor
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