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  I have both, and i wear both with navy pants and they look great.  there are some navy's out there that are very very close to black, almost, and for those i would go with bourbon.  the walnut strand is perfectly fine for business attire, however if you are buying these strictly with the color navy in mind, bourbon would be your better choice.   walnut looks best with lighter navy and light gray
So, waiting for the new golf shoes were a waste, I should have known better considering their last month's lineup.   Medalist it is!
  I heard those "bank account" things you speak of fix itself every other friday :D
  I have my eyes on the Medalist which I will be getting, however before I pull the trigger, I am going to see what the new line looks like.  Another damn week to wait to see what they look like... blah.
    my god did the shoes scream bloody murder when you attempted to tie them?
  Black calf shoes, polished well with Saphir in navy, and get them as shiny shiny shiny as possible, if you aren't going with a patent leather.   Park Ave Harrison Fifth Ave (meh, not my first choice because of the brogued cap toe) Westchester if you are looking for a loafer I would also consider the Flat Iron, not a conventional look but I think it would look fantastic with a suit, stylish and sleek
Bored and hungover, time to touch up the shoes     Magnanni Mateo and Cole Haan chukkas, my favorite and most worn in the entire line up right now     Broke the shells out yesterday for St. Patty's day (wear green at work)  
  I don't wear mine often but they do look pretty fantastic.  I love mine.  I'll wear them tonight.
OK thread back on topic.  Custom Neumoks should be getting delivered soon.  Didn't they say by March 17th?  idk... I ordered them on the last day they were available, so I would assume it would take longer than that.  idk...
sigh... i'm getting torn apart for commenting putting the top 2 percentile of shoes in the same category   G&G and Edward Greens = Louboutin Carmina and Alden = Jimmy Choo   my dignity = zero
New Posts  All Forums: