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  AE up in boston told me that they have a yearly sale either in August or Sept.  I can't remember but they will email me and let me know.  I think this is for retail stores only, but call your local AE store and find out.  I have no idea if it is available online, however the store on Newbury St. is definitely having it.  Most shoes are 15% off, some are up to 20% off.
  Nice shoes, but for shoes like that... i could never.  I would return them in a heart beat.  Even if you did get a good deal, you still paid a crapload in comparison to 99% of the shoes out there.   On a side note, I love how AE eyelits are close to one another.  Even with their bals... such a cleaner look rather than having a 2 inch gap.  I have a pair of Cole Haans collecting dust soley because of the fact that the eyelits are spaced way too far apart for my liking. 
  I think i am going to pick up a pair last week in August or whenever their yearly sale is... 15-20% off all shoes, so that will bring it down pretty close to the normal price range...   I need a nice black captoe so even though the Rutledge's look amazing in walnut, i'm going with the black. 
Speaking of recrafting, does anyone have a before/after pic?  They say that the re-stretch the shoe over the last again, which is nice, obviously, but does that mean that they unstich the upper, stretch it over the last again, then re-stitch to the insole?  Just wondering the exact process... because if they don't re-stitch the shoe to the insole, whats the point of stretching it over the last again, its just going to remain lose if that insole stitch isn't done...
  The inner of the shoe is still going to remain (somewhat) the same mold as that persons foot.  The new cork bed will somewhat act like a reset button, but they explained in one of their videos that they don't replace the inner sole since thats where the real impression of the foot will stay.  The cork is there for flexability and insulation, in addition to how it "molds."   I'm sure given enough time it will wear in well, but with a shoe that has been barely worn, they...
BB Miniplaid pants (left the jacket at home) Zara blue/white stripe button down AE Navy/Purple diagonal striped tie AE Strands, brown cordovan
Facet... Those Jeffersons are beautiful.  Do you know what leather is used?  Nappa?    I was amazed at how much softer they were off the shelf a few weeks back, however with those prices, I ended up going shell cord.  Since I have the McAllisters already in Merlot, the Rutlidges are on my radar.  Absolutely beautiful shoes. 
  Half step down for me on the 333 last.  I tried the Neumoras on Saturday.  Went with a 9.5D (same as my strands and Neumok) and the toe box was pretty big, and they were noticeably wider.  Went to a 9D and they fit perfect.  Nice and snug.   If the strands fit your perfect in a 10D, I would suggest going 9.5D.
  look again   some of them are new without the box, and in all honesty, these "used" ones from this seller are exponentially better than what you usually see on ebay.  I would pay $150 for these.
some shoe love.... the walnuts were just conditioned/polished today              
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