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  i have been pretending that i haven't seen them, so please excuse my silence lol... when i saw the "nothing wrong with some red, white, and blue" email from them, or whatever it says... i immediately deleted it because i knew the outcome was not going to be good.  i was right.
  I would ask the seller.  Personally, anyone who puts a topy on their shoes usually is knowledgeable enough to care properly for their shoes, but I have never seen them with stitching like that before, so that is an eyebrow raiser.  Also, when you apply the topy with glue, they have to scuff up the leather a good amount to make it adhere well, so regardless, the soles underneath are not going to be in "great" condition   Personally, I would pass.  The only way I would...
  Do yourself and email AE and give them your feedback for Glenn.  I couldn't help but email them a month ago when I bought a couple pairs.  He is one of the best salesmen I ever dealt with and deserves every bit of recognition.  I was in the Saturday looking for him, but he wasn't working that day :(
  I just think every shoe has its best color, so I typically go with that.  However the McAllisters look insane in walnut but I have them in Merlot lol....     ON A SIDE NOTE   The email suggestion to AE pretty much did nothing.  Here is their response after I suggested a "strand-like" bal boot, and after I asked them about the Fall lineup.       Thank you for your email.  We haven’t gotten information on the fall line at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  I...
  I just go with the AE brand... its not expensive, and personally... going off of the way they make shoes, I think its safe to say that they wouldn't put out shit products for their shoes.  If you call any retail store (or just purchase online) you'll have it in a few days.  Spend $20-$30, grab yourself some brushes, a dauber or two, polish, conditioner, and some clothes... that should cost you all around $30, not bad if you ask me.
  your right foot and left are not the same... looking at the pic, i would say your right foot is slightly longer, or the ball of your foot on the right is definitely elongated compared to the left... regardless, the creases look ok.. i have seen some really messed up creased, at least yours take the shape of the vamp (left) or the cap brogue (right)   secondly... are those seconds?  the vamp on the right seems a bit larger... look at how much closer the cap on the left...
  I gotta say, i'm really feeling the walnut with these shoes...
  The uppers on those sanfords look fine, however i think the main issue is the eyelets being wayyyy off.  at that price, these are definitely factory defects... if you look at the shoes, that right one is a fucking mess
I just emailed them telling them that they need to make a Strand look boot   Balmoral, captoe, however I told them to make basically the identical boot from that youtube link I posted a couple pages back.  The stitching along the vamp continued to the foxing like you would find similar to a long wing.   If/when they respond, I'll keep everyone posted.  But ya... lets all email them for a "strand-like" bal boot
  Time to email them and tell them they are assholes for making a 5th Stree but not a Strand boot.  I'll even come up with the name for it... Strand Street lol
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