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well if memory serves me correctly, i am very sure that the cliftons were on the website at some point in the last couple months, thats for sure... but oh well, they won't be missed in my eyes lol
  Oh shit i had no idea they were discontinued... I was always partial to the Sanford anyways, but after trying both on, i look like an old man wearing black bluchers lol   Anyways, Nordstroms still has them readily available, so their website says   http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/allen-edmonds-clifton-oxford/2892042?origin=category&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=Walnut&resultback=1102
  Already answered, but for future reference, the details under the shoe on their website will show what last the shoe is on.  When you go to allenedmonds.com and just click "shoes" at the top left, it will shoe everything and you can sort by last along the left hand side.    Pretty helpful if you are looking for a particular last, collection, etc....
Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton Ms. Clifton   I hope I'm not the only one that thinks of that every time someone mentions the Clifton lol
the chester had a medallion toe box
any particular reason why they are being discontinued???  that seems a little silly, unless they really aren't selling many at all   Edit... seems like its the normal sizes... from the manager of the Newbury St. store, the travel size works better and will still last you a very long time, so as long as those are sticking around, we seem to be alright.  Besides, the travel size ones are much easier to use IMO
  It works perfectly fine on any heel, however not as good as the designated colored ones such as the chili.  I still like it.  My Neumoks have much more of a natural finish rather than the brown color on my cordovan strands, so the natural edge dressing will work completely fine with that.
  Over the last several months, I have accumulated the following...   Split toe cedar trees for every pair I have (4) One (dirty) horsehair brush for my calf shoes One (clean) horsehair brush for each color of my calf shoes, I have one for Walnut and one for Merlot... I use these to brush throughout the polishing process. One dirty and clean brush each for my cordovan. One dauber for cordovan One dauber for calf (a good rinse with warm water after each use is good,...
Yea the Harrisons look really nice as well, however is that going to be on the Independence collection, which means they are going to go for $445 or whatever they are.    If that is the case... idk.  I love the Rutledges in black, however the Harrison will probably look even better... so my next 3   Rutledge in black, Neumora in brown, Harrison in walnut   or   Rutledge in burnished walnut, Neumora in brown, Harrison or Park in black since there is very...
Oh and for a burnished brown, the Neumora looks amazing.  That is my next shoe, hands down.
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