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glad i'm not the only one, this is the first place i checked when I couldn't find them anywhere on the website until then, deep breathes, everything will be ok.... i'm trying to remain calm myself
 If you are talking about the Newbury St store, i can assure you the strands on the shelf are the brown you see on the website now.  I know, hard to believe right?  Those poor shoes have been sitting out for about two years now and they look more faded and helpless each time I walk in there.  Those were brown.  When I got mine, I noticed they were a bit darker than those and darker that the website's pic as well.  Still a gorgeous color, but ya... those shows have had...
definitely looking for a quote on shell macneil's, 10D   thank you
    If that is AE, that has to be a shoe that is either on the 0, 3, or 8 last by looking at that toebox....  I don't know the model name, however it can very well be an older shoe that is discontinued.  Regardless, if you want this shoe, your best bet is getting the Strand in bourbon color.  They have brown as well, but the bourbon is really nice and have a very warm tone to it compared to the...
AE Medalist in the mail.   Not sure if I am going to keep them just yet.  I need to see how well they breathe, and possibly how ridiculous they (might) look with shorts.  There is no way in hell I am not wearing shorts in the middle of summer for golf, however idk... i don't think I'm going to be able to get these by without pants.
  Where does it say "suede" on the website??  Under leathers?
  Another pair to add to the strand collection for me, this will be number 4  
  I am just wondering out of curiousity if i can use it or not... because if I can't, I'll just give it to someone on here who already asked for it.   I'll take a look at the ingredients later.
Help me out fellow AE'ers.  Dark brown cordovan cream from AE, I would assume that is fine to use on calfskin leather, yes?   Thank you.
Question folks... I have a useless jar of the AE Dark Brown cordovan cream.  The reason I say useless is because it is much darker than what my shell strands should be.   Is this ok to use on calf skin?  If not, whoever wants it....
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