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AE Medalist in the mail.   Not sure if I am going to keep them just yet.  I need to see how well they breathe, and possibly how ridiculous they (might) look with shorts.  There is no way in hell I am not wearing shorts in the middle of summer for golf, however idk... i don't think I'm going to be able to get these by without pants.
  Where does it say "suede" on the website??  Under leathers?
  Another pair to add to the strand collection for me, this will be number 4  
  I am just wondering out of curiousity if i can use it or not... because if I can't, I'll just give it to someone on here who already asked for it.   I'll take a look at the ingredients later.
Help me out fellow AE'ers.  Dark brown cordovan cream from AE, I would assume that is fine to use on calfskin leather, yes?   Thank you.
Question folks... I have a useless jar of the AE Dark Brown cordovan cream.  The reason I say useless is because it is much darker than what my shell strands should be.   Is this ok to use on calf skin?  If not, whoever wants it....
  I have a normal pair of brown cordovan that is (should be) a medium brown.  I ended up getting Saphir Reno and also the natural Cordovan Cream.  Absolutely fantastic.  Just talking about it makes me want to polish them again tonight, which I will probably do.   I also have the navy polish for my black shoes (calf) from Saphir, another top notch product.  Use very sparingly, I ruined a pair of laces because that polish STICKS. 
  I have both, and i wear both with navy pants and they look great.  there are some navy's out there that are very very close to black, almost, and for those i would go with bourbon.  the walnut strand is perfectly fine for business attire, however if you are buying these strictly with the color navy in mind, bourbon would be your better choice.   walnut looks best with lighter navy and light gray
So, waiting for the new golf shoes were a waste, I should have known better considering their last month's lineup.   Medalist it is!
  I heard those "bank account" things you speak of fix itself every other friday :D
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