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   (Kent Wang, man...)    
   I wore a light pink shirt with an off-white jacket, grey trousers and black shoes last Friday night. I got compliments from two guys on two separate subway trains. Both said it looked good (I should post a pic of the combo).    The women really dug the ensemble as well.    First time I tried wearing a pink shirt with anything out at night.   
 I wore a pair of brown cowboy boots with Levi's and a black cotton shirt to a WNBA basketball game in Washington, DC. I had a courtside seat because I wanted to see Candace Parker play up close (she was hurt and didn't make the trip). One of the other LA Sparks players came off the court right in front of me and between me and the photogs sitting on the end of the court. She spit out a huge hock on the floor.    One of the photogs sitting on a seat said that he'd never...
 Report: The method didn't really work too good on the snakeskin boots but it did work OK on a couple of other cowboy boots I have and made them a little looser around the instep (which is what I wanted).    I have several pairs of dress shoes that have the same tight instep problem but I'm getting a shoe stretcher and lotion to use one them to get a more gradual and precise stretch on each shoe.    I'll update on how that works later this week (the stretcher...
   I tried this last night on a pair of snakeskin cowboy boots I have that fit way too tight.    They're thawing out as we speak.    I will report my findings next Monday.
   Cool cowboy boots(?).
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