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 Took the stretcher out of my shoe last night. The shoe is a little more wearable. Definitely not as tight as it was. I think I'll leave the other shoe in it for 24 hours and they should be loose enough to be broken in with a few wears.    I have another shoe from a different pair that I'm leaving in for 24 hours and will take it out tonight. I'll report how that goes tomorrow.
 I got the shoe stretcher the other day and put one of my new loafers on it. I'll report how it worked tomorrow. The instructions said to leave it in for 48 hours. I hope it does the job and I can use it on some of my other shoes.
   He is...
 Looks good. If it's comfortable and doesn't feel too tight I'd say "Yes!". A lot of DBs look "boxy" on people. This doesn't.  Nice! I have a jacket kind of like that I found at a thrift that I need to get altered.    
   Plus it's gross...
 "Memoirs Of A Geisha" fan?
 Nice look once again, HF!    I'm also getting a lot of mileage out of my off-white jacket. I wore it last Friday night and got numerous compliments from the ladies. I wore mine with a light blue shirt. I asked one lady what she liked about my outfit and she couldn't pin it down but i think it was mainly the jacket.    I bought a plain whire linen jacket this weekend that I need to have the sleeves shortened. I think that'll go over pretty good as well.
 Mcarthur: How many pairs of shoes do you have?
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