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  The Macy's P Diddy line of men's wear...
  I'll try to make the next one. I'll bring a camcorder (getting a nice one for my 20th anniversary in my company) to document it.  Wish I could go to the SF one. Take lots of pics and post them.
 Nice jacket! What's it like for you as far as teaching in NYC is concerned? I read all kinds of negative stories about how hard it is to teach these days but you and the other NYC teacher (can't remember his name now) seem to be OK with it.
 Yeah, but isn't everyone posting pics also "posing" in their clothes?
 I have three pairs of shoes that have tightness issues around the instep area. One has been "fixed" by the shoe stretcher (the right shoe was tight due to bone spurs on my big toe). I have two pairs of loafers that were tight around the instep also. I think by tonight they should be stretched so that I can comfortably "break them in". I may have to tweak the shoes a little more though.    I can see where it would be possible to stretch the shoes lengthwise a little,...
 I found a place that had a hat like the one in the upper right corner. I thought it looked cool on me and I may buy it soon.
 I got on it because I saw that Skylar Diggins (the WNBA women's basketball star) was on it and had a humungous number of "followers". I wanted to see what it was like.    What exactly is a "tweet"? Is it a message to someone? If you "tweet" someone does it show up on their Twitter ?
 What exactly is it and how is it used? Is it like Facebook? Is it like a blog or is it just to post short personal messages/updates? Can you post comments to someone elses Twitter and get answers or comments back from them?
 Took the stretcher out of my shoe last night. The shoe is a little more wearable. Definitely not as tight as it was. I think I'll leave the other shoe in it for 24 hours and they should be loose enough to be broken in with a few wears.    I have another shoe from a different pair that I'm leaving in for 24 hours and will take it out tonight. I'll report how that goes tomorrow.
 I got the shoe stretcher the other day and put one of my new loafers on it. I'll report how it worked tomorrow. The instructions said to leave it in for 48 hours. I hope it does the job and I can use it on some of my other shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: