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  I don't.
   I measure my self worth on the ladies "likes and comments" they give to me.
  I think I accidentally gave you a double "like". Bwaahahaaa!
  What's the general consensus about this sort of thing? I've read that people don't like a lot of comments (such as "great fit" or whatever) and that just giving "likes" is good enough.
   I enjoy seeing your bowties. Keep posting your bowtie pics.
  They look good to me.   I like the "Faded Glory" jeans from Wal-Mart.  BTW- the jacket is awesome!
   I agree.  Cool looking jacket but I wouldn't wear it with that waistcoat (that's just me, though).
    Stitch and SB are both solid.     I was thinking the same thing. I tried on a couple of sport coats this summer that I loved but the lapels were bowing and they were a bit too tight like this one looks to me. That's why I don't buy anything I can't try on first (won't buy online).
 Another poster who has been missing is Threadbearer. He stopped posting before last Thanksgiving.
    I was stationed at Darmstadt for two years. I had a blast the whole time (except for some Army stuff). I went all over Europe whenever I had a chance and learned skiing. I skiid the Swiss and Austrian Alps but my favorite place was the Garmish resort in southern Germany (think that's what it was called). I liked Frankfurt with the cool music clubs and Christmas market in December. Only went to Munich once but just drove through. I also liked going to the French and...
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